5 Great Things That Happened in 2020 to Celebrate During the Holidays ? ?

5 Great Things That Happened in 2020 to Celebrate During the Holidays ? ?

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Ho ho ho, 

The team and I wanted to come out one more time this year to say thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone! This has not been an easy year, and it’s probably safe to say this goes for you as well. It was tough.​

Raklet team wishes you a Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year!
Raklet team wishes you a Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year!

In 2020, we saw digital communities built, brick-and-mortar businesses working around the clock to bring their people online, and remote work became a thing.

In the good ol’ Holiday spirit, we wanted to remind you of five great things that happened in 2020 that will (hopefully) help you have a better day:

Essential workers finally getting the appreciation they so deserve

March 2020 was the month where fiction became fact, and the whole world shut down. While most of us had to quarantine ourselves inside our homes, our social heroes were giving their blood, sweat, and tears for the common good. We’re finally appreciating that! The world has bent in respect to the nurses, doctors, and other essential workers on the frontlines. That’s an amazing fact if I ever saw one.​

Source: Nursing Georgetown -- hands up to the heroes of the year!
Source: Nursing Georgetown — hands up to the heroes of the year!

SpaceX launched two astronauts to space for the first time

It seems like we’re getting closer and closer to having Raklet on Mars. You can read more about it here if you’d like.​

SpaceX launches two astronauts to space for the first time
Source: SpaceX

Empty dog shelters — people are adopting more!

One of the things that quarantine brought (together with lots, lots of homemade bread) was homesickness and a big desire for family and community. The best thing to come out of it? Lots of dogs and cats adopted!

That’s as furry news as it gets. Let’s hope it’s a trend that came to stay.​

Great things to happen in 2020: People are adopting more
This cute photo was courtesy of Unsplash

We’re building communities like it’s the 1800’s

best friends friendship GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

It’s in the times of need that we see what we’re made of, and 2020 came to prove (if you had any doubts) that we’re stronger together. That is the reason why we’ve seen so many communities built, both online and offline. We saw Zoom reunions, new associations, people getting people together.

Community management platforms (like our very own) saw a rise in new members, and we saw people empowered by the power of human connection. That’s great news for all of us!

UK gives 1st COVID-19 vaccine shot

Last but not least — hope. We baked, we danced in front of the TV, we sang outside with our neighbors, we cried, laughed, watched every single show on Netflix… but have all had enough.

Luckily, some really smart people have been working on new vaccines to get our life as close as possible to normality once again. 

At the beginning of December, Maggie, a 90-year-old woman from the UK was the first person ever to receive a fully tested and approved vaccine against Covid-19. ​

Great things to happen in 2020: NHS Vaccines

The world cried with hope. And then we laughed with joy.

We can only hope for a 2021 where the great things multiply, and we can all hug each other again.

And what happened at Raklet?

We’d love to take the opportunity to also look back at how the year went here at Raklet. We’ve been working at caffeine speed to bring the features that we know you will love, and that will help you better manage and grow your organization. Some of the biggest ones were:

A new custom-branded mobile application

We launched our mobile application, and now, we can customize it for your organization. Your members will download your app, with your name and logo, and they will never know it was us who wrote the code. 

It sounds like magic, but it’s just a bunch of highly motivated engineers with a sole goal in mind: make life easier for you.

You can now use your domain

Going hand-in-hand with the new custom-brand app we’ve added support for custom domains so that you can have your brand in all touch-points with your members. This way, Raklet becomes a fully white-label solution through mobile and web, and all people will see is your logo everywhere.

The option to add new admin roles

Everybody needs help at a certain point, and your digital platform should give you the ability to ask for some. That’s why we worked hard on making it possible for you to create new admin roles from inside the “Settings” so you can invite new people to collaborate, but you can limit what they can or cannot do. 

Well, that was it for today. We at Raklet wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and that 2021 may bring you closer to your dreams.

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