Raklet & EMAT: Choose the Best Association Membership Management Software

Raklet & EMAT: Choose the Best Association Membership Management Software

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EMAT uses Raklet as an Association Management Software

The Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey (EMAT) is an association working for upgrading emergency medicine, emergency services, first aid, as well as disaster organization. Their vision is to create projects that help and support the medical system without worrying about maintaining a cumbersome association membership management platform.

EMAT decided to work with Raklet to improve its workflows and to streamline its membership processes. They’re using several other modules such as setting up fundraising campaigns and events on Raklet.

If you’re also looking for an association membership management software, read on to see how our platform helped them solve difficult problems.

Why Did EMAT Need a Software for Association Membership Management?

EMAT was an association with 2818 members from various institutions. So, they were looking for an online membership management system to take care of some of their most important requirements such as:

  • Members portal that enabled members to log in and update their profiles
  • Social networking modules that allowed messages between members.
  • Online membership application for potential members
  • Secure platform to accept online payments.
  • Organize events and sell tickets online at different prices for members vs non-members
  • Automate administrative activities to save time.
  • Set up donation drives and collect donations online.
  • Provide new opportunities with job boards.
  • Mobile membership apps to stay connected on the move.

So, they decided to use Raklet as an all-in-one solution for all their association membersip management needs.

When we asked EMAT Board Member Prof. Dr. Orhan Cinar how they feel about our platform, he mentioned how Raklet gets really handy when you’re scaling your communication to thousands of people as a small association. “You can use tags to classify the members. It allows you to call them back when you need it.”, he added.

He also emphasized that the events module is a game-changer for EMAT: “Organizing events and charging for events much easier now.”

Our 5-star feedback from TATD for our membership management software for associations
EMAT Board Member Prof. Dr. Orhan Cinar’s rating for Raklet

Raklet: Best Association Software for Membership Management

Raklet is a cloud-based association membership software. It enables organizations to quickly set up membership plans, collect new applications/payments, and offer digital membership cards. Get your free association management software today.

Raklet's member association software
Raklet’s membership association software
  • Easy access to membership data:

Easy access to all vital membership information without any issues. Manage, monitor as well as access all member data from a single platform.

  • Quick to set and easy to understand:

Create your account in a few minutes. Start sending emails as well as collect payments.

  • Event management module:

Sell tickets, collect RSVPs, as well as engage your attendees with automated messages.

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Benefit from Raklet’s Extensive Features

Raklet’s membership association software for EMAT helps with the membership onboarding process as well. The members use a custom form to sign up. The form helped the organization collect vital information about the members such as their email address, name, age, school, department, country, etc.

TATD's membership association software to manage member process easily
EMAT’s association management software, powered by Raklet

Other robust features of Raklet will help you do even more things, such as:

Plan and Execute Events Easily

The event management module helps set up events. They provide detailed information about each event. The members were able to select the event as well as sign up for them. It is simple and easy for both the members and the association.

Provide New Career Opportunities with Built-In Job Boards

The job board module allows the association to list the current job openings. Members were easily able to view them and apply for them if they are interested. Their members were also able to filter jobs based on their preferences.

Create Fundraising Campaigns and Collect Donations Online

We created a custom payment gateway for the association. This payment gateway is integrated into its membership management software.

The association is also able to set up campaigns for fundraising. They can collect donations online. The campaign results are easily shared with donors as well as their supporters.

Mobile Apps for Admins and Members of EMAT

A mobile app helped both the administrators and members of EMAT with accessibility. With Raklet’s mobile application, administrators can easily approve members, set up events, and also drive successful campaigns. They can now receive the latest information from their community through the mobile application, as well as be updated through customizable push notifications.

(Hint: You can also access our mobile application on both iOS and Android!)

Mobile membership association software apps for admin and members of TATD
Mobile apps for admin and members of EMAT

Easy to Setup Membership Software for Associations

The association management software is relatively easy to set up. It helps you build engagement as well as opportunities for your members. We also offer extensive support and customized developments for associations.

Above all, we are certain that Raklet will help associations with manual administrative activities. Grow your community while we take of other member management needs. Are you looking out for the best association management software? Sign up for Raklet’s free account today!

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Shalini Murthy

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