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How To Sell Ebooks on Your Website in 5 Steps

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Ebooks have become the popular version of learning and growing on the go at any place. Metros, beaches, and bedside tables are full of portable ebook reading devices that can hold thousands of ebooks to read at any time. With this increased demand, the market of selling ebooks on websites has grown accordingly. Now, the readers have a wide range of options to choose from and explore to form their own virtual libraries. Stepping into this market can lead to a profitable sale of ebooks on your website. This article will explain what ebooks are, why they are important, and give you a guide on how to sell ebooks online on your website!

Ebooks are the popular version of reading on the go.

What are Ebooks, and Why are They Important? 

Ebooks are, essentially, just electronic books. Though are specifically designed for devices called eReaders, they can be read on any digital device. The battery life of eReaders is usually long-lasting, which allows the portability feature. All the purchased ebooks are stored inside the eReader accessible at any time.

Ebooks owe their popularity to the ease of access and use regardless of the time or place. Once an ebook is purchased, it is available for the specific purchaser to read on digital devices anywhere. Ebooks are protected with uneditable and non-shareable features that allow only the purchaser to read them.

The future of ebooks’ online market seems very bright with the conversion to digital. The ebook market share is expected to increase by USD 6.93 billion from 2020 to 2025. (Source)

HOW to Sell Ebooks Online on Your Website

1- Craft attractive content

The first step to ensure a successful ebook journey is to start off with a topic you are passionate about. Choosing an interesting topic for your ebook is the starting point of reaching your target audience. To get some inspiration, you can search through popular subjects and fictional genres that ebook readers have been interested in lately. Once you start writing down your ideas, make sure that the reader can easily follow by adding a content table, headings, and catchy phrases. 

Choosing a popular and interesting topic for your ebook will increase the visits to your website.

2- Build the outlook of your ebook

To polish your writing, do not forget to proof check with free online tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor. The final touch to the writing process is coming up with a title that gives an insight into the book without revealing too much.

For the right appearance, make use of free or paid ebook templates to convert your writing and achieve the desired format. Lastly, an attractive cover will draw attention to your ebook and increase your website traffic, so choose from the endless graphics options and do not leave behind the credits to the creator. 

3- Create your ebook store

In order to decide on the right pricing, make market research on similar kinds of ebooks and allow for an affordable price that also meets your efforts. After publishing the ebook on your website, an easy-to-use and smooth payment process will give you an advantage over the other websites. So, choose from the variety of purchasing integrations such as Shopify to sell directly from your website. 

The same goes for the delivery process, pick a riskless and straightforward delivery method for the readers to reach the ebook after purchase. Including a direct download to popular ebook readers such as Kindle will give the readers more convenience. 

4- Choose the right ebook marketing strategy

As the final touch, promoting your ebook with the right marketing tools will drive readers to your website. 

  • Firstly, if you have one, utilize your existing contact list that has visited or signed up to your website for email marketing. You can both create an exclusive email upon the release of your ebook and integrate it into your regular newsletter for the curated target audience.  
  • Another popular option is finding influencers related to your ebook’s topic and giving them access to read and share their thoughts with their network. 
  • You can also create your own social media accounts to promote with unique visuals and insights to your ebook. If you have an existing blog, publish the visuals and information as a blog post reviewing your ebook.
  • Once the readers discover the website, make sure to have an informative and attractive landing page promoting your ebook. 
  • Later, readers essentially look for easy access and previews to decide on which ebook to purchase. You can give them a few free tools such as allowing them to see a few sample pages, which will increase your website visits and purchasing amount.
  • Lastly, you can ask for readers’ reviews and insights to continue their engagement and spread their opinions.

5- Track and analyze the performance

Writing, publishing, and promoting your ebook is not enough: Last but not the least, you need to check the continuous performance of your efforts. Set a regular timeframe to look over your sales analytics as well as how the different marketing tools compare to each other regarding the website traffic and sales. After your analysis, adjust the marketing strategy to target the right audience better. 

Tracking and analyzing your online ebook sales is the final step of how to sell ebooks online on your website. 


Ebooks give the space to extend your knowledge and ideas online to a niche audience through sales online. Stepping into this ever-growing ebook market entails detailed steps, but this guide is here to help you on how to sell ebooks online on your website! Choosing the right topic, creating an effective marketing strategy, and watching the results bear the opportunity to reach thousands of online ebook lovers!

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