Interactive Posts: 3 IDEAS TO Boost Your Social Media in 2023

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With the business pages doing everything they can to keep up with their followers, it might become hard to boost your social media. Whether you are running a non-profit organization or selling the best recipes online, posting interactive content on your social media could be crucial for you. Using interactive content to drive engagement and switch up your typical posting method is a fantastic way to do both. Interactive content engages your audience, boosts click-throughs, and gives you more possibilities to entertain and learn from your audience. In this article, we will tell you about types of interactive posts and give ideas for your content.

What are interactive posts?

Any content that a user may click on, click through, reply to, or participate with is considered interactive content. Although these kinds of content take more time and work to generate, users tend to be more interested in them. They’ll pique your audience’s interest and can even be used to turn them into regular visitors to your page. Typically you can create polls, make contests or share interactive videos. 

How can you benefit from interactive content?

  • Provides the latest information
  • Improve reach
  • Starts discussion
  • Collects answers from users
  • Two-way communication
  • A space for users to share opinions

In contrast to a direct sales message or business update, interactive content can improve interaction, reach, and start conversations. You can use interactive posts to start engaging discussions on your website or post comments. If you are making a poll you can learn about your audience including their preferences for your product or service. You can gather information regarding donations or buying habits. The more connected you are to your members, you will be more likely to succeed and reach a wider audience. 

Interactive Facebook posts create two-way communication between the audience and the business. Most successful business pages on Facebook post regular interactive content to collect opinions from their followers and members. Fun interactive posts such as trivia and general knowledge-based content create massive engagement. 

3 Ideas for Interactive Posts

Different from regular text or image content, interactive posts require a bit more time and creativity. Check out 3 ways to create interactive content:

1. Boost Engagement with Contests 

Using social media contests is a great way to increase your engagement. You can simply put a link under your post or story for users to participate in, but we recommend posts that users can comment on. 

Let’s say that you own a gym and want to increase your followers, you can give 2 randomly selected users 1 month of free membership. It is very cost-effective if you provide brand-related prizes. Ask your followers to tag their friends in the comment section and just see how magically your engagement increases. 

You can create these types of contests on your interactive posts by likes, comments, or shares. You can also use a tool like Comment Picker to speed up the process. 

2. Interactive Polls

Polls and quizzes are a great way to create fun interactive posts. They can be fun and entertaining for your audience to answer questions. Most people immediately stop for quizzes, so why not use them? Polls are usable on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on your personal website as well. You can create posts for general knowledge as Trivias or branded questions to determine your audience’s needs and thoughts. Also, remember that Facebook is among the best networks for posting interactive content, since friends of the users will be able to see recent activities. In that regard, increasing your social media following can be a very valuable option. 

Also, when you post for your business, you ask for your existing or potential customers’  ideas so they can feel more engaged. Since you are collecting the answers, your audience feels more related to your business. You can even direct your way through polls as your audience prefers. 

Assume that you have a membership page, you can ask your members to choose between options. Provide them with at least three options, or even use a blank one. If you have a church membership site ask your members what they want to talk about. Whether it’s for your local community or donation-related steps, polls can be great for interacting.

Pro tip: Add related photographs or gifs to your polls to attract the audience.

3. Interactive Videos

Videos are also another great way to create interactive content for social media posts. You can increase user engagement and enhance the audience experience with interactive videos. 

As the biggest video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube allows creators to include video cards that they can use. For example, you have posted ways to donate to your non-profit organization, including direct or item-specific donations. You can use these info cards to direct users to specific videos, such as a video describing what items they can donate or how they can help. The best part about info cards is that you can direct users to a video, a playlist, a channel, or an external link. Set the duration of your info cards to show up when you want to. 

Another way to interact with videos is by directing users to specific videos from your website. You can include videos in your poll results for maximum interactivity. Set a questionnaire on your website, for example, ask them what kind of chicken recipe they want, grilled or even. Then you can ask if they want to know about enchiladas or teriyaki, so at the end of the poll, you can direct them to related video content with a link.

Raklet’s Interactive Features

Before the interactive features, with Raklet you can even create your own social media network. Raklet is an all-in-one membership management platform that automates the biggest part of your business. You can create your own social media network to keep control of your community. You can use Raklet’s advanced tools and integrations to enhance your member experience. Create scheduled posts to inform your members, open discussion boards, and your members can like, comment, or share just like on any other platform! 

You can use social integrations such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and ContentCal to organize your interactive posts. You can control the visibility of your content to certain people or the public to personalize interactivity and engagement. Open discussion boards for your members and let them enjoy the interactivity!

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We hope you have a wonderful time creating interactive posts!

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