Raklet Is Now Part of Techstars!

Raklet Is Now Part of Techstars!

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Raklet, a community management platform based in Istanbul  has been accepted to the Techstars Berlin, one of the most recognized accelerator programs in the world.

Raklet,  a community management platform  is now part of Techstars and will be granted an investment of $120.000. Prior to Techstars, Raklet was one of 8 start-ups accepted to Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin program in March 2016 by being selected among 420 startups.

Raklet is now used by more than 400 organizations and is shown among the most promising start-ups by various  accelerator programs.  Microsoft Ventures Accelerator  program will grant Raklet technological support of $500.000. During the program, Raklet has doubled its growth. The program will end with a demo day on June 29th, which the participants will make presentations to a group of investors.  Raklet will continue to improve itself from Berlin in Techstars 2016 Accelerator Program family.

Techstars, founded in 2006 in the United States, is known as one of the most efficient accelerator programs in the world. Raklet achieved  to be one of the 10 selected start-ups among 700 candidates.

We are looking forward to updating you with our new achievements.

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