Virtual Fundraising Ideas for 2023

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is crucial to an organization’s growth, especially for nonprofit organizations and charities. However, coming up with different ways of fundraising can be a hassle. The traditional way of reaching out to people and asking them to donate is not the most effective way to increase donations. Therefore, it is crucial to come up with […]

College Fundraising Ideas: Best Step-By-Step Guide

In the world we live in, college fundraising is now more important than ever. But solely handing out fliers for the same type of events is not going to cut it. To increase your donations, you need to be more creative than that. To inspire and help you, we’ve gathered creative college fundraising ideas.  5 […]

Online Fundraising Tools: A Focus on Facebook 

In a world where almost everything is handled digitally, we look for ways to automate manual tasks to save ourselves time and energy. Thanks to tools and solutions provided by fundraising software,  your fundraising project will run much more efficiently. Tune into this article to learn more about fundraising tools and how exactly they make […]

How To Start a Fundraiser (Tips & Resources)  

You may be wondering how to start a fundraiser for your charity, or how to start a fundraiser for a specific cause. It does not matter what you are raising the money for, most people are afraid of the beginning. Getting started on a fundraising campaign is actually pretty easy once you nail the basics. […]

10 Quick and Easy Virtual Fundraising Ideas

After more than a year of lockdowns, most nonprofits are striving to use virtual fundraising to raise money for their cause. But what is virtual fundraising, and what exactly can you do with it? Keep reading to see our 10 quick and easy virtual fundraising ideas that we curated just for you. What is Virtual […]

Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Organizing fundraisers is essential for any nonprofit. We have shared some proven successful nonprofit fundraising ideas and tips to attract more supporters. The concept of ‘giving back’ has motivated people to support charities and nonprofits for a long time. This led to fundraisers being at the core of nonprofit organizations. As a result, nonprofits are […]