Raklet Listed in The Best Club Management Software of 2021 by Digital.com

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We are happy to announce that Raklet was chosen to be among The Best Club Management Software of 2021 by Digital.com.

Digital.com is a website that provides authentic reviews, so their readers can make the best choices for software/tools for their business. They picked Raklet to be one of The Best Club Management Software of 2021. Before choosing Raklet, they evaluated 70+ club management software in a 40+ hour research. We sincerely thank our users for their positive reviews that led to this result.

Raklet was also among The Best Membership Management Software of 2021, as well as The Best Nonprofit Software of 2021. The fact that Digital.com featured Raklet in three different categories is a great honor, and we couldn’t be more proud!

So, Why Choose Raklet as Your Club Management Software?

Raklet is an all-in-one club management software that can help you fulfill all your needs. You can manage, sustain, and grow your club easily — and all through a single platform. Raklet can help you reach club members, encourage communication, maximize engagement, as well as streamline manual processes. Anything is possible with our extensive list of features.

Some of Our Features Include:

  • Free CRM and customizable member profiles,
  • Easy-to-use interface with different login options,
  • Customer support and in-house engineers that can help your platform thrive with customizations,
  • Tiered membership plans with different access to content on your platform,
  • Digital membership cards with built-in QR codes,
  • Email and SMS modules to keep members updated,
  • Online and in-person events/fundraiser organization tools for your club,
  • Powerful integrations (like Stripe and Zoom) to maximize your efficiency,
  • Integrated one-time and annual payment options for memberships and event attendance,
  • Discussion boards and private messaging,
  • Access to real-time member and payment data,
  • Mobile app with push notifications to increase accessibility,

…and much more!

Of course, this isn’t all you can do with Raklet. We really mean it when we say it’s all-in-one. Explore more of our features to see how we can help your club thrive with our software.

Launch your own free platform today!

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