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Looking for Eber alternatives? Then check out Raklet, a highly customizable membership management software that can fulfill all of your wishes. We’re here to help you compare Eber to Raklet so that you can decide which one is the best for you.

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it refers to all the strategies used to grow a company’s relationship with its customers, increase loyalty, and grow revenue all at the same time. Managing every task manually while trying to do all these can be back-breaking; long and complex sale cycles, managing people, contacts and leads, analyzing the collected data from these customers and more. Customer engagement software, and CRM are there to help you on your company’s road to success. Eber was founded in 2015, in Singapore, firstly known as iGift. Since then, they have been serving their clients with powerful membership, loyalty, and customer engagement solutions. Let’s check out what they offer, and what they lack to help you decide easier.

eber platform

Eber is a customer engagement software, an all-in-one membership solution that makes it easy for businesses to manage and grow their customers, increase loyalty, and revenue streams. They help brands connect with their customers and create personalized experiences.

Their variety of out-of-the-box features allows brands to create their own loyalty platform in real-time.

Also, with an easy-to-configure platform, Eber offers loyalty solutions to a variety of enterprises.

Eber Features

eber features

When it comes to Eber’s features that help increase their customers’ relationship with their members, we can say that they include most of the key features you need. Let’s see what they are:

  • Direct Messages
  • Email Management
  • Smart Forms
  • Rewards and Points
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Activity Tracking
  • Gift Cards
  • Referral
  • CRM, a comprehensive membership program

and more…

Eber does a good job offering the essential features you may need from a customer engagement solution. Let’s see how much they charge for these features now.

Eber Pricing

One of Eber’s great pros is that, alongside the three paid plans, they offer a plan that is completely free up to 150 contacts. This free version still includes loyalty points, consumer CRM, spending analytics, customer portal.

On the other side, their paid plans start from $89/mo and go up as much as $267/mo. These versions have 14-day trials too if you want to check out whether it is worth committing to Eber with paid plans or not.

eber pricing

Eber Reviews

Yet, a downside of Eber is about their reviews. There are no approved reviews under their names on reputable software listing platforms like Capterra, G2, GetApp, and more. So, the absence of user reviews in platforms like these makes it harder for both us and their potential clients to analyze Eber’s already existing customers’ happiness.

From what we could see on other sites that list software, Twitter, and YouTube, Eber’s customers are generally content with what they have to offer. Yet, some clients complain about the fact that their success team does not reply fast enough to solve their problems when they need them to be solved.

Raklet is an all-in-one membership software to help you on your journey. We offer you a cloud-based platform that has extensive features to cover all of your needs, and all from one place. Combined with over 3,000 integrations, Raklet can be one of your best supporters!

Also, you can easily create your membership cards whenever and wherever you want, and customize them according to your needs to further increase your relationship with your customers. Let’s explore some of our key features together:

free crm


Raklet’s robust membership management software comes with a free CRM. Import, export, and filter contacts to improve member management. Streamline membership processes easily with Raklet.


Raklet allows you to create your own custom application forms to collect all kinds of information from  members. Add the fields needed to facilitate membership management.

application form
automatic renewals


Send automatic reminder emails to members, set accurate subscription renewal dates, and increase sales with automatic membership renewals. Collect membership fees online with regular payments.


Create online or face-to-face events,  track  attendees, create customizable profiles for each member, and interact with them through Raklet’s member management software.

social network


Create the best platform for your members. Useful for discussing different topics, sending private messages, commenting, and sharing in different discussion forums. Allows members to contact on their own members-only platform.

Raklet Pricing

raklet pricing

Raklet has a completely free plan and all of the above features are included in this free version. 

There are three categories of paid plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium. These start at $49 per month and you can find out more on the pricing page. 

We can guarantee that you will not incur additional charges for any of the features listed in these plans. Our customer service is available daily to help you as needed and you can contact us through our chat support or email us at [email protected].

Raklet Reviews

You can check out and read more about our reviews through some of the most popular and reliable platform listing sites like Capterra, G2Crowd, and GetApp by clicking on them. 

As you can see, Raklet is one of the highest-rated, well-recommended platforms available on the market.

How is Raklet better than Eber?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo
Starts from $89/mo

Free Plan:







More than 3000 apps


Branded Mobile App:



Mobile Application:



Digital Cards:




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