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Looking for a Passkit alternative to create your digital membership cards? Then check out Raklet, an all-in-one digital membership card software that can fulfill your management needs.

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Using a digital membership card software for your organization can have many different benefits. Creating functional digital membership cards for your community is important in many ways. If you want to help members with easy event check-ins, membership perks and discounts, as well as an increased sense of community belonging, you need a digital membership card software. Read on to decide how Raklet compares as a Passkit alternative in this field.

passkit platform

Passkit, a China-based company founded in 2012, describe themselves as a “one-stop-shop for creating, distributing, and managing mobile wallet content”. As a digital card management software, they create membership cards, discount coupons, perks and offers, etc. that can be integrated into mobile wallet applications. They work with reputable companies to create cards, such as Burger King, HSBC, Old Navy, etc.

Passkit Features

There is no dedicated page that displays their features on Passkit’s website. However, they have a few posts on their blog dedicated to explaining what their software does. According to these posts, Passkit’s solutions aim for businesses to easily create cards and passes that can be used by anyone through their mobile devices without effort. They’ve integrated their software with Apple’s Wallet app and Google Pay to increase accessibility to their digital passes.

Another important part about Passkit is their Apple Passbook integration, which they’ve also effortlessly created through the Passkit API. Through Passbook, businesses can create, distribute, and update their passes however they want.

A plus to Passkit is their different solution options, so that you can get different pricing models according to the types of passes and cards you want to create. We’ve detailed these more in the next section:

Passkit Pricing

Passkit has 4 different software solutions that serve specific purposes, and all of them offer a 45-day free trial to try out their card and coupon software. We’ve listed their solutions below:

  • Loopy Loyalty: for digital stamp cards,
  • Member Manager: for membership and loyalty cards,
  • Coupon Creator: for digital coupons,
  • the Developer Kit: to integrate mobile wallet passes into your pre-existing applications

Payment-wise, the rate of Passkit’s loyalty passes, coupon codes, and membership cards are all different. In addition, they don’t offer different pricing packages, and their standard pricing differs according to how many cards you’ll be using per month. For up to 250 single use & 250 multi-use passes, their standard pricing is $39.50/month.


Passkit Pricing

Passkit Reviews

Passkit doesn’t have any user reviews on reputable sites such as Capterra, SourceForge, or G2. This makes it very difficult to analyse customer happiness.

Since we couldn’t determine pros and cons through credible sources, we instead decided to look through Twitter and Youtube reviews and comments. Users seem overall pleased with most features, however, they are frustrated with the minimal amount of visual customization options. There are also some other difficulties mentioned, such as the lack of any other features and the limiting standard pricing for up to 250 cards.

Our software Raklet is a cloud platform that has the feature to create membership cards, on top of membership management, events, and more.

Our extensive features are a perfect fit for all of your needs, and all from one place. Combined with over 3,000 integrations, you can easily create your membership cards whenever and wherever you want, and customize them according to your needs. Let’s explore some of our features together:

membership cards


Raklet’s digital membership cards are the exact tool you need. You can create different access points for different membership tiers, change their appearance, and effortlessly integrate them to your wallet app of choice. These cards can be customized and personalized however you like, and include such things as your company logo, brand colors, and all the needed member information. Our built-in QR codes or barcodes will provide you with an easy method to check in your members to events. Using them with our branded mobile app is a breeze!


With Raklet, you will have your own comprehensive platform to store, manage, and host your members. Using the data you acquire through your custom membership application forms, you can create individual membership profiles that can also be updated at any time. Having your own CRM is a sure way to ease your member acquisition and analysis process. And with Raklet, accessing all your member information is just a few clicks away.

free crm
social network


With Raklet, you will have your own dedicated platform to host your community. In addition to being able to store all membership information with our extensive CRM, you will also give them a place to effectively communicate and engage with your organization. Share announcements, create different discussion boards where members can react and comment, encourage private messaging, use our email and SMS tools, and more — all in one place.


Collect one-time or recurring membership fee payments through Raklet’s secure platform. Send automated billing reminders, track and analyze payments with our all-in-one software. In addition, you can also create fundraisers to strengthen your organization, track your donation progress, as well as sell tickets to your online or in-person events. Managing your finances has never been easier!

automatic renewals

Raklet Pricing

Compared to Passkit, Raklet provides many more features at a very reasonable price range. We offer a forever-free plan for up to 50 members, so you never have to worry about flat fees if you’re a smaller organization. For more features, we offer three different types of membership plans. Our lowest paid plan starts at $49/month, with a myriad of features for you to explore. Check out our transparent pricing page for more details.

Raklet Reviews

Raklet has received a large number of positive reviews on reputable platforms such as Capterra, Sourceforge, G2, and more. As you can also see on the screenshot above, Raklet’s software is among the highest-rated among its competitors. The all-in-one capabilities we provide, combined with the customizability and our constant updates to improve customer experience, make Raklet one of the most well-liked software on the market.

How is Raklet better than Passkit?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo
  Starts from $39.5/mo

Free Plan:



Easy To Use:



Digital Cards:



Free Trial: 

60 days on annual billing

45 days

Membership Management:



Job Opportunities:

Job boards


Social Network:




The sky’s the limit!

Not applicable


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