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Last Updated: August 30, 2023

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What is the Purpose of Membership Management Software?

Membership Management Software is used to make controlling and communicating with members of a company, club, association, or any other membership-based group easier and more effective. 

The software is a one-stop shop for all things related to membership, from signing up and communicating to renewing memberships and looking at data. 

Its key purposes include:

Efficient Management

Membership management software simplifies administrative chores like registering new members, entering data, and renewing memberships. 

This makes things run more smoothly and makes less work have to be done by hand.

Member Communication

The program makes it easy for the group and its members to talk to each other. 

It lets you send 

  • Custom Emails
  • Alerts about Events
  • Newsletters

and other ways to stay in touch, which helps you build better relationships.

Centralized Database

Membership software acts as a central database for member information, making it easy to view and change member identities, preferences, and past.

Event Management

Many tools for managing membership include ways to 

  • Set Up and Promote Events
  • Classes
  • Conferences
  • Meetings

Members can sign up online and get information about upcoming events.

Payment Processing

Secure payment methods are often built into software, so members can pay dues, fees, and event registrations online. 

Membership Analytics

These tools give you information about participation trends, levels of involvement, and other useful information. 

With the help of these data, organizations can make choices that will help them improve their strategies.

Member Self-Service

Membership management software may let 

  • Members access Portals where they can change their own details 
  • Check their Membership Status
  • Interact with the Group

Renewal Automation

Reminders and methods for renewal that are done automatically make sure that members don’t forget to renew their accounts, which keeps more people from leaving.

Data Security

These systems often put data security at the top of their list of priorities, making sure that sensitive information about members is saved and handled properly.


Since each group has its own needs, membership software often has choices for customizing the system so that it fits those needs.

Paid Membership Management Software vs Free Membership Management Software

The decision between paid and free membership management software depends on the organization’s size, complexity, budget, and specific needs. 

Larger organizations with a need for advanced features, scalability, and tailored solutions might find paid software more beneficial. 

Smaller organizations with simpler requirements and budget constraints might find free software sufficient for their needs. 

Ultimately, the choice should align with the organization’s goals and resources.

Here is a comparison of the top 5 Membership Management Software in a table

Get ready to unravel the elite league of membership management solutions! 

In this quick rundown, we’ll explore the top 5 contenders in the realm of membership management software. 

Here’s Top 20 Membership Management Software


Wild Apricot offers membership management to the requirements of providing an integrated platform that combines membership management, event coordination, online payments, and website creation, all with a focus on user-friendly functionality. 

Best For: Small and mid-sized organizations seeking an all-in-one solution for membership management, event coordination, and website creation.

Key Features: Wild Apricot offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the needs of smaller organizations. 

This includes 

  • Robust Membership Management Tools
  • Event Planning and Registration
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Communication Capabilities
  • Professional Websites without Coding Expertise 

Pricing: Wild Apricot offers tiered pricing plans based on the number of contacts in your database. 

Prices start from 60/mo. This flexibility allows organizations to choose a plan that aligns with their budget and needs.


Hivebrite is a versatile solution for organizations aiming to foster community engagement. 

With features spanning community building, event management, secure communication, and fundraising, Hivebrite empowers organizations to create and nurture vibrant communities tailored to their goals.

Best For: Organizations and institutions seeking a versatile platform to build, manage, and engage their communities.

Key Features: Hivebrite offers to a wide range of organizations, providing features such as 

  • Community Building
  • Membership Management
  • Event Management
  • Secure Communication Tools
  • Fundraising Capabilities 

Its emphasis on customization and branding allows organizations to create tailored community experiences.

Pricing: Hivebrite offers pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of organizations. The cost starts at $8000/year. 


MemberClicks is an ideal choice for associations and nonprofits aiming to simplify online payments, event registrations, and member engagement through its suite of intuitive features, making administrative tasks seamless and efficient.

Best For: Associations and nonprofits seeking simplified online payment processing, event registration, and engagement tools.

Key Features: MemberClicks is tailored to associations and nonprofit organizations, offering a suite of features that include 

  • Online Payment Processing
  • Event Registration Management
  • Member Communication Tools
  • Member Directory

Its focus on user-friendly interfaces makes it particularly accessible for organizations looking to streamline payment and registration processes.

Pricing: MemberClicks’ pricing structure is adaptable and varies based on the features and the number of members you have. Starting at $4,500/year, it caters to organizations of different sizes and budgets.


Memberful is a prime choice for content creators looking to monetize their work through membership subscriptions. 

With its user-friendly integration, customizable tiers, and efficient payment processing, Memberful empowers creators to connect with their audience and generate revenue through memberships.

Best For: Content creators, online publishers, and creators who want to monetize their content through membership subscriptions.

Key Features: Memberful is designed for content creators seeking to monetize their work through membership subscriptions. 

It offers features such as 

  • Easy Integration with Websites and Platforms
  • Customizable Membership Tiers
  • Subscription Management
  • Access Control for Exclusive Content

Pricing: Memberful’s pricing is transparent and straightforward, starting at $25/mo.


MemberSuite is a comprehensive solution for associations looking to manage memberships, events, and data with efficiency. 

Through its integrated features, MemberSuite empowers associations to enhance their operations and gain valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Best For: Associations and professional organizations seeking comprehensive management tools for membership, events, and data analysis.

Key Features: MemberSuite is tailored to associations, offering a suite of features including 

  • Membership Management
  • Event Planning and Registration
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Financial Tracking
  • Robust Reporting for Data-Driven Insights 

Its integrated approach aims to streamline association operations.

Pricing: Starting at $2000/mo, it offers solutions for associations of varying scales.


Glue Up is a flexible system that brings event management and member interaction together in one place. 

Glue Up makes it easy for organizations to organize events, memberships, and connections. Its many features help streamline operations and build stronger communities.

Best For: Organizations of all sizes looking for a versatile platform to streamline event management, membership engagement, and community building.

Key Features: Glue Up offers a range of features, including 

  • Event Management
  • Membership Tracking
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Communication Tools
  • Virtual Event Solutions

Its integrated platform aims to simplify event planning, membership management, and networking.

Pricing: Starting at $125 per month, it accommodates various budgets and scales.


Join It is a straightforward solution designed to simplify membership management for small to medium-sized organizations. 

Its emphasis on user-friendly features and automation allows organizations to efficiently manage memberships, events, and communications.

Best For: Small to medium-sized organizations, clubs, and associations looking for user-friendly membership management and automation.

Key Features: Join It is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations, offering features such as 

  • Membership Management
  • Automated Renewals
  • Event Registration
  • Communication Tools
  • Reporting

It focuses on simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible for those without extensive technical expertise.

Pricing: Join It offers affordable pricing plans tailored to the number of members you have. Starting at $29/mo, it caters to organizations of different sizes and budgets.


YourMembership is a robust solution for membership-based organizations and associations.

With its array of features spanning membership management, event planning, and engagement tools, YourMembership empowers organizations to provide value to members and enhance their overall experience.

Best For: Associations, chambers of commerce, and other membership-based organizations seeking a comprehensive solution for membership management and engagement.

Key Features: YourMembership offers a suite of features such as 

  • Membership Management
  • Event Planning
  • E-learning
  • Career Centers
  • Email Marketing

It focuses on enhancing member engagement, streamlining operations, and providing valuable resources for members.

Pricing: YourMembership provides customized pricing based on the organization’s needs and size and the cost starts at $425/mo.


With Mighty Networks membership management software, you can build an online community website. 

It is one of the most popular software companies among content makers and people who build communities. 

Best For: Creators, entrepreneurs, and organizations seeking to build and nurture engaged communities around shared interests, content, and experiences.

Key Features: Mighty Networks excels at creating branded communities by offering features such as 

  • Community Building
  • Content Sharing
  • Events
  • Online Courses
  • Monetization Options

It provides a space for creators to connect with their audience, share knowledge, and offer value in a dedicated environment.

Pricing: Mighty Networks pricing starts at $33/mo.


StarChapter is a great option for local chapters and organizations that want to improve their operations and better involve their members. 

StarChapter gives local groups the tools they need to handle memberships, events, and interactions in a way that is effective and efficient.

Best For: Local chapters of associations, clubs, and organizations seeking an integrated platform to manage memberships, events, and communications.

Key Features: StarChapter is designed to cater to local chapters and organizations, offering features such as 

  • Membership Management
  • Event Planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Creation
  • Reporting

Its focus on simplifying chapter operations and enhancing member engagement sets it apart.

Pricing: The cost starts at $83/mo.


Heartbeat serves as a vital tool for membership-based organizations, offering features to efficiently manage memberships, events, and communication. 

By focusing on engagement and simplifying administrative tasks, Heartbeat empowers organizations to foster strong connections with their members.

Best For: Membership-based organizations, clubs, and associations looking for a comprehensive platform to manage memberships, events, and communications.

Key Features: Heartbeat caters to organizations seeking 

  • Membership Management
  • Event Coordination
  • Communication Tools 

Its features also include 

  • Membership Tracking
  • Event Planning
  • Email Communication
  • Reporting

The platform focuses on enhancing member engagement and streamlining administrative tasks.

Pricing: Hearbeat’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate organizations of varying sizes and budgets, starting at $49/mo. 


Higher Logic is a powerful solution for associations and membership-based groups aiming to foster community engagement. 

Its robust set of features events, and content sharing, empowers organizations to create vibrant online communities that drive collaboration, knowledge sharing, and growth.

Best For: Associations, professional organizations, and membership-based groups looking for a comprehensive platform to foster community engagement, collaboration, and growth.

Key Features: Higher Logic offers a suite of features to facilitate community building, including 

  • Discussion Forums
  • Event Management
  • Content Sharing
  • Member Directories
  • Automated Workflows

It prioritizes enhancing member interaction and providing valuable resources.

Pricing: Higher Logic cost starts at $800/mo.


Amilia is a flexible option for nonprofits, clubs, and other membership-based organizations that want to make it easier to handle memberships, sign up for programs, and book facilities. 

With its many features and easy-to-use interface, Amilia gives groups the tools they need to run their businesses well and give members and users a smooth experience.

Best For: Nonprofits, clubs, and organizations seeking a comprehensive solution to manage memberships, registrations, bookings, and program offerings.

Key Features: Amilia offers a range of features, including 

  • Membership Management
  • Online Registration
  • Program Scheduling
  • Facility Booking
  • Payment Processing 

Its integrated approach aims to simplify operations and enhance member and participant experiences.

Pricing: Amilia cost starts at $99/mo.


White Fuse is a solution designed for organizations that manage memberships and want to improve engagement and streamline operations in the UK. 

White Fuse helps nonprofits meet with their fans, run events, and earn money to support their important work. 

Best For: Nonprofits and charitable organizations seeking a platform to manage memberships, events, and fundraising efforts.

Key Features: White Fuse offers features including 

  • Membership Management
  • Event Planning
  • Website Creation
  • Fundraising Tools

It focuses on enhancing engagement, communication, and fundraising capabilities to support nonprofit missions.

Pricing: White Fuse provides transparent pricing plans and starts at £47/mo. 


Member365 is a flexible option for organizations and associations that are based on members. 

Member365’s many features, which include membership management, events, and analytics, help groups run smoothly, keep members interested, and make smart strategic choices.

Best for: Membership-based organizations that want an all-in-one tool for member management, events, communication, and data.

Key benefits: Member365 has a full set of benefits, which include 

  • Membership Management
  • Event Planning
  • Email Communication
  • Reporting
  • Analytics 

Its combined method is meant to make things easier to run, get people more involved, and give data-driven insights.

Pricing: The price of Member365 starts at $249 per month.


VeryConnect is a flexible option for membership-based organizations that want to get more people involved and make their processes run more smoothly. 

VeryConnect helps groups build deep relationships with their users and get useful information for making strategic decisions.

Best for: Associations, alumni groups, and other membership-based groups that want a flexible platform to handle applications, events, and communication.

Key Features: VeryConnect has many benefits, such as 

  • Membership Management
  • Event Coordination
  • Email Communication
  • Member Directories

It stands out because it focuses on involvement and data insights, giving members tools to help them connect with each other and understand their tastes.

Pricing: Starting at £160/month, it fits a wide range of prices and scales.


Vagaro is a specialized solution for spas and other wellness businesses that want to improve how they handle memberships. 

Vagaro gives businesses the tools to manage meetings, connect with clients, and grow their businesses. Its features include online booking, client management, and marketing.

Best For: Salons, spas, and wellness businesses that want a single tool for booking appointments, managing clients, and running the business.

Key Features: Vagaro has a number of features that are perfect for salons and spas, such as 

  • Online Booking
  • Appointment Management
  • Client Communication
  • Marketing Tools

It works on making everyday tasks easier and making the customer experience better.

Pricing: Prices start at $25/month, which works for businesses of all kinds and needs.


Brilliant Directories is a great tool for people and businesses that want to build strong online directories. 

Brilliant Directories lets users make engaging and useful directory sites for their target groups by letting them customize templates, add member profiles, and process payments.

Best for: Business owners, groups, and companies that want to make and run online directories for different businesses.

Key Features: Brilliant Directories gives you a set of tools to make and run directory websites. Some of these things are:

  • Customizable Templates
  • Member Profiles
  • Payment Processing
  • Event Listings
  • Content Publishing
  • Member Reviews

It’s made to help people make online listings that are complete and interesting.

Pricing: The price starts at $145 per month.


MemberSpace is a way for people who want to make money from their online work to do so. 

MemberSpace gives artists the tools they need to make a membership-based income plan for their websites, with features like content protection and subscription management.

Best for: Creators, businesses, and website owners who want to make money from their online content through membership fees.

Key Features: MemberSpace is made for people who want to make only paid members able to see certain parts of their website and give them access to special content. 

  • Content Protection
  • Subscription Management
  • Custom Branding
  • Integration with Website Platforms

The price of MemberSpace starts at $49 per month.


Raklet is one of the best membership management software for small and medium-sized businesses as well as non-profits, associations, and clubs to manage their communities and events. 

It lets you manage memberships, events, online payments, and email marketing, among other things. 

Raklet can be changed to fit your needs and can be connected to other business tools and social media sites.

Best for: Membership-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, clubs, associations, andalumni groups.

Key features: Some of the key features of Raklet are

  • Membership Management
  • Event Management
  • CRM
  • Data Analysis
  • Reports
  • Email Marketing 
  • Integrations with more than 4,000 mobile apps 

Pricing: Raklet has a free version as well as a free sample. The cost of the professional plan starts at $49 per month and goes up from there based on the features and level of customization needed.

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