What's New at Raklet in July ?

What’s New at Raklet in July ?

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We are excited to share some of the great features we launched this month, so let’s dive in right away to see what is new in Raklet.

1. Better Experience In Mobile

Raklet App is one of the most used features we provide so we whipped it into a better shape. We now have a better header for the admin panel on the mobile app. With the new design, you can easily navigate yourself in the admin panel.

Better mobile experience with Raklet

Speaking of navigating, we also updated the navigation on the admin panel. With this innovation, we believe it is going to be even easier to manage your account!

Easy settings management on mobile with Raklet

2. More Personal Engagement With Customized System Emails

Members are the lifeblood of communities. This is why it is important to show them they are important by customizing welcome emails.

Raklet team values warm welcomes and thus, we updated our automated application emails and made them customizable. You can create templates from the email section and set them as “Application Received” and “Application Approved” emails in your Admin > Membership > Settings page.

3. Newsletters Office Is Open And Ready To Use!

Newsletter feature is something our team has been cooking in the kitchen for a while and it is released now! You can create a newsletter the same way you create an email and send routine news. Keep your community updated ad informed effortlessly! Create your first newsletter signup form.

Raklet's newsletters feature will keep your community up to date!

4. Action Logs Filter

With Raklet everything is under your control. Including the actions on your website. Now, with the action logs filter, you can search the history of your admin panel. You can choose an action group, ID, user, and date to filter your action logs.

Raklet's Action Logs Filter will help you control your data better

5. Pin posts to the top of your feed

Our feeds are getting displayed chronologically and we’ve been getting a lot of requests for pinning your posts at the top of your boards. Now, you can set the date and make sure your most important posts are always displayed at the top. 

Raklet's brand new pinning feature, you can keep important posts at the top of your feed

Coming Soon:

Better email designer! We know that our users love and use the email sender feature so we are improving it. Our team is currently in the process of building out the new email designer. This way you can add images, buttons and create templates with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Updates coming soon with Raklet: Better email designer!

Raklet has just been recognized as a category Top Performer by SourceForge.

We’re honored to be awarded as The Top Performer on SourceForge. Only select products that have recently attained significant praise from user reviews get selected here, so thanks for your reviews online. If you haven’t left a ️️️️️ review yet, now is the best time 

Sourceforge recognizes Raklet as a Top Performer!

Customer Spotlight: The Mauritius Fintech Hub (MAFH)

MAFH is an association facilitating collaboration between FinTech entrepreneurs, corporations, governments, tech experts, investors, FSPs, academia. They aim to bring the key fintech players into society and create an ecosystem of fintech on the island. 

To achieve this, they have to engage their partners and keep track of their activities along the way and Raklet is the best way to do that. Checkout what they say about Raklet first and how Raklet helped them achieve their goals.

Fintech Hub uses Raklet!

Thanks for reading thus far. I hope you enjoyed our update as much as we did. 

Any feature requests? Are you excited about anything new in particular? Reply to this email and let us know!

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