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Guide to Custom App Development, and How It Can Help You

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Everybody is aware of the power of having a successful mobile app to your name through custom app development. It brings money, recognition, fame, network, self-fulfillment, and many more benefits with it. Yet, there is an obstacle that stands in front of most people with great ideas: they don’t know how to code.

Well, you’re here reading this probably because you want to create your own app, but you don’t have coding experience. We have great news, you can create your app without having any idea about coding at all! Tune in to learn how you can make your ideas become reality.

What's custom app development?

What matters is that you have an idea, just not about coding. We can see you picturing people opening your app wherever they go:

  • When they get bored
  • The first thing they look at when they wake up, the last thing they look at before sleep
  • Getting ready for work, school…
  • On bus, plane, car, taxi…
  • When they want to share their experiences, photos, videos…

You name them all. So, you are wondering how are these people going to reach your app from Google Play or AppStore, if you can’t write code. One of the options you have is to go old school and hire a custom app developer team to make your idea a reality. Another way for custom app development is to get help from software services like Raklet. Let’s begin by defining custom development, as well as its benefits and challenges.

Benefits of custom app development

What is Custom App Development? 

Until recently, the only way to create your own app was to hire a custom app development company. This seems like a better option for us than going back to school and getting a Computer Science degree, so, let’s get started with what custom app development is.

What is custom app development?

Custom app development is the design of software applications for users within an organization to meet specific business needs. Designing your own app through custom app development meets precise requirements and is not traditional off-the-shelf software.

No-code app builders might seem very tempting at first glance. However, they cannot guarantee the fact that they can include every single thing you need in your custom app development process. Let’s check out the benefits of custom app development:

What are its Benefits?

  • You won’t need to use multiple apps for various business functions that you have.
  • With secure data access, you reduce external cyber threat possibilities.
  • You will save money on hardware as the custom app is eventually built within your infrastructure.
  • It is your app, and a development team of yours, meaning you can solve issues quickly.
  • You own the rights, enhance and update as you need and want.
  • You can eliminate changes in business strategy or procedures to work with predefined turnkey application software.

Custom app development gives you the ability to hold a full range of possibilities right after you decide to build your own custom app.

What are its Challenges?

Yet, there are three major challenges in choosing custom development for creating your own apps.

  1. Money: Developing custom apps, especially for building your own mobile apps, can cost between $500,000 and $1 million, or even more. And that applies to only one platform: creating iOS or Android apps. Unfortunately, creating your own app on both platforms doubles your budget.
  2. Time: Creating your own app from scratch, especially if you haven’t coded it, can take a long time (even if you will not code it yourself, someone eventually has to write the code for you.). If you choose custom development as a no-code option, it can take approximately 6 months to a full year or maybe even more before you can use anything.
  3. Risk: The advantage of custom development for building your own app is that you can define exactly what you want to do (which is fun) to a custom development company to build one for you. Yet, the downside is that there is a risk of running out of budget if you create the wrong app or something off of what you wanted. You risk that you may not have the budget to maintain and update it further, and finally create the right app. There is also the risk of trusting the wrong company. They can fall on the release date because it wasn’t designed to support incoming traffic, they are writing buggy apps, or the app doesn’t work as intended.

No Code Alternative: Software Services

So, you don’t know how to code, and you don’t have the budget to hire a personal custom app development team to help you out on this course. As a solution, there are loads of software or services that help you create your custom app without you having an idea about coding. 

This software mainly features drag-and-drop tools so you can easily choose what to use or not on your way to building your own app. They also offer services like maintenance, fixing bugs, updating the app, coding what you can’t, helping you further customize, and many more. So, you can just focus on your idea and your business rather than being swamped by codes and the hard work.

A downside to those advantages is that this option is not as customizable as the first option we’ve provided you.

Raklet to Help You Create Your Own Custom App!

Raklet offers you a simple and easy way to connect with your community on mobile devices. As an all-in-one membership software, Raklet allows you to grow and engage your community using our powerful and custom-branded mobile apps.

Our white-label solutions for your custom app development process get your community to trust your brand with custom domain support and branded apps in both AppStore and Google Play. You can send your community members push notifications so that they won’t miss a single update. Notify them about upcoming events, send reminders to members that need to renew their subscriptions and so much more features.

As Raklet, we can have your custom app created and launched on both AppStore and Google Play just in 3 weeks’ time. Way faster, and way cheaper than custom development, it’s your decision.

  • Want to have a platform for your members to collaborate and engage with each other? No coding with Raklet.
  • Want your members to sign up and create profiles? No coding with Raklet.
  • Want to have custom discussion forums and private network features? No coding with Raklet.
  • Want your members to create posts, comment, like, or direct message each other? No coding with Raklet.
  • Want your members to have their own customized digital membership cards on the app? No coding with Raklet.

Your custom mobile app can serve as a place for your members to collaborate and engage with each other through discussion forums, private network features, and the ability to create posts, comments, likes, or direct messages.

From your custom mobile app, members can sign up, create profiles, update them, and have their own customized digital membership cards.

Not only you but also your members will hold the power of customization with Raklet. So, if you want your custom app development done by Raklet, schedule a personal call with us! We’ll be more than happy to be working with your ideas and make them a reality.

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