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What is a Subscription Website?

A subscription website is a website that requests users to sign up in order to access exclusive content and offers thanks to subscription website builder softwares. Subscription sites can be used by companies, organizations, and communities with the intention of offering unique services to their subscribers. This website may cover your existent work, plans, and your pursuits.

Why Use a Subscription Based Website?

Anything you’ve posted on your website is a commodity of yours, and it is generating profit for you. That is why it needs to be protected from being stolen or copied, so that you can keep on earning from your honest work. This is where subscription websites can assist you in shielding the valuable content since they are creating a secure exchange platform.

While they are protecting your work, they can pave the way for managing online communities. Since you’ll be in charge of who can access online forums and discussions. This will result in establishing an important networking space for users so that connect with each other. Also, it makes things easier for the users to exchange detailed information about your business which may lead to new marketing opportunities.

Last but not least, the recurring income that stems from subscription-based websites might be one of the most rewarding aspects. The reason why it keeps generating income is that your members will pay a monthly or yearly fee. This way, they can enjoy your exclusive content. As new users sign up for a membership, your revenue will increase exponentially. When the newcomers see that your community is active, they will want to be a part of it.

5 Best Subscription Website Builders

If you believe you have great content to share with users, a subscription site will prove to be a useful tool. A subscription-based website might assist you in developing your business, particularly if you sell a unique product or provide a service in a specific field. There are several subscription website builders from which you can easily benefit from by implementing them in your business. Let’s rank the five most popular subscription website builders you may use.


subscription based website builder

Morweb is a subscription-based website builder for organizations and associations wishing to simply establish a mobile-friendly, simplified website. They provide a comprehensive list of website features, ranging from online fundraising pages to SEO tools. 

It provides an option to create a basic subscription site without any coding. In addition to the ease of use, it is also known for its mobile friendliness by offering basic instruments. Whereas they are offering a free trial, they don’t have a free plan. Pricing ranges from $99 to $199 per month.


subscription management

SubHub provides subscription website builder application themes, which are meant to help any organization or individual wishing to start a subscription program. For the purposes of developing a website with exclusive material that can only be accessed by paid subscribers. 

SubHub has social media integration for sharing the upcoming events and news with all your members. While they are offering an all-in-one solution, they don’t have any free plan like Morweb. Its starter plan is $47 per month.


subscription-based software

In Weebly, different member categories can be created, and member registration can be controlled. Custom invitation emails and buttons for your pages, social posts, and newsletters are useful to encourage new members. Weebly is known for its easy-to-use features. 

If you have a small-sized organization, Weebly might be one of the good choices. It helps you to reach out to a wide-ranged clients and build a website that operates on any device. There is a free plan within Weebly and they are offering a free trial. After the free trial, starting price for businesses is $25 per month.


subscription website

MemberClicks helps your organization engage members by simplifying subscription management. It uses strong features to keep track of your budget and memberships. You can use your website and subscription management system to work together flawlessly. 

MemberClicks uses harp attributes to keep track of your budget, advertising, event and membership management. It offers completely specialized community management within the software; however, they don’t have any free plan and don’t offer a free trial. If you want to use their subscription website builder, pricing starts at $238 per month.


subscription based website builder

Raklet presents a powerful all-in-one solution subscription-based website builder. Organizations ranging from nonprofits to alumni associations use Raklet in various ways. Your website and membership management system will be running together flawlessly at the same time. This way, you can effortlessly add and edit material.

You can simply gather everyone in your network and post events for them to easily engage. In addition to online application forms; scannable digital membership cards for check-in and automated e-mail&SMS are all included in Raklet.

Along with Raklet’s forever-free plan, we have three paid plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium. For up to 1000 contacts, the Essentials plan costs $49 per month. For additional information, check out the price page.

Visit our website to learn more about many features our subscription website builder offers, or schedule a demo call with us. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

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