AlumnForce Alternatives, Pricing & Reviews

In this article, we will discuss the good and bad of AlumnForce, which is a good option for most online communities. Let’s see what AlumnForce has to offer, and how it compares to Raklet.

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Looking for something besides AlumnForce? You might not even have to look very far! We’d like to tell you about Raklet, a useful option.

AlumnForce: Connective Alumni

AlumnForce is a company that makes tools for managing the networks of former students. Most of the time, schools and colleges use their products to keep in touch with alumni and handle those relationships. Features may include, but are not limited to, making it easier to talk to each other, setting up events, helping with funding, and giving access to job tools. A place to do business that is based in Paris and serves both Europe and the United States. Even though AlumnForce is still in business, no one knows how many people work there because they keep their information very secret.

How is Raklet better than AlumnForce?




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AlumnForce and Raklet are both platforms that offer tools for organizing community or membership-based groups, like alumni networks. They both do things like make it easier for people to talk to each other, organize events, and help with fundraising, but there are also some differences.

AlumnForce’s main goal is to make it easy for schools, colleges, and other educational places to connect with each other. It helps groups keep in touch with their grads by making it easier to do things like hold networking events, raise money, post job openings, etc.

Raklet, on the other hand, is a larger tool that can be used by all kinds of groups, such as non-profits, clubs, and associations. Raklet has features that aren’t found in other community management tools, like the ability to integrate with Zoom and more than 4000 mobile apps.

With the Zoom connection feature, members of a community can set up and join meetings right from the Raklet platform. This could be especially helpful when working remotely is necessary or just more handy. This connection makes it easy for groups to put on webinars, virtual meetings, and other online events.

Raklet’s combination of mobile apps makes the platform more flexible, giving users a more personalized experience and giving organizations the ability to change to meet different needs. This flexibility goes to their branded mobile app service, which lets a group have its own mobile app with its own brand name, logo, and design elements. This makes the company more visible and gives users a uniform experience.

Raklet stands out in terms of flexibility because it has features that let users make their own pages and styles. This feature gives users the chance to show off their special skills and imagination, making their community more interesting and unique.

We believe this comparison helps you choose the suitable one for your organization. You can always book a call from here or reach out to us from support.

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What are You Going to Find?

Now that you have a general idea of what AlumnForce is and how it is different from Raklet, are you ready to learn more? Here, if you look more closely at AlumnForce’s features, it will be easy to see why you should choose Raklet. Raklet has the best features, prices, and connections on the market!

This guide is your treasure map for finding the best alternatives for AlumnForce. We’ll talk about the different software choices, how much they cost, and, most importantly, what other people have said about them. The goal is not just to give you information, but also to get you interested in what could be a game-changing choice for your company. Read for making a choice!

If you work in alumni management, you know how crucial it is to maintain communication with your alumni. Here’s where AlumnForce comes in; it’s robust alumni management software that facilitates monitoring and communicating with your graduates as well as fostering lasting bonds with them. AlumnForce’s comprehensive suite of capabilities, including event planning, email marketing, and data analytics, makes it an excellent choice for any group that values its alumni network.

AlumnForce’s user-friendliness is a major selling point. It’s user-friendly and straightforward, even if you lack technical expertise. Furthermore, AlumnForce’s pricing is relatively reasonable, making it a viable alternative for businesses of any size.

AlumnForce, like any other software, may not be suitable for all users. The best alumni management software for your organization will depend on your unique requirements and objectives. Because of this, we have compiled a list of other excellent alumni management software alternatives to AlumnForce for your consideration. We hope this information is useful in your search for the best software to maintain communication with your alumni, whether you choose to stay with AlumnForce or go elsewhere.

AlumnForce Features

AlumnForce is an effective alumni engagement software that facilitates communication between institutions and their alums. AlumnForce is an excellent tool for schools, -but not only- that want to increase alumni involvement and involvement among current students.

The extensive alumni directory that can be filtered by parameters like graduation year, region, and industry is one of AlumnForce’s most notable features. This facilitates alumni outreach and networking, which are essential to the success of any educational institution.

AlumnForce provides a number of services, including an alumni directory, that are meant to increase participation from former students. There is a communication system, a fundraising platform, a mentoring program, a job board, and an event management system. Each of these functions is made with one goal in mind: keeping schools and their former pupils in close contact with one another.

AlumnForce is an excellent tool for maintaining relationships with past students and faculty.

  • Effective alumni database
  • Management software for events
  • Job postings
  • Programs for Mentoring
  • Place to collect donations
  • Method of transmitting

AlumnForce Integrations

AlumnForce’s Zapier integration is one of its most prominent features. By integrating AlumnForce with the other 3,000+ apps and services supported by Zapier, you can quickly and easily automate your processes. With this connection, you can program your own “Zaps” to have AlumnForce do something whenever a certain condition is met in another app. To automate the process of adding new event participants to your AlumnForce database when they respond to a Google Form, for instance, you could develop a Zap.

With AlumnForce, you can easily take payments and donations from your alumni network by integrating with common payment channels like PayPal and Stripe. You can easily manage your email campaigns and maintain alumni engagement with the help of AlumnForce’s integration with widely used email marketing providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

AlumnForce provides many more integrations than those listed here. AlumnForce can help you make the most of your time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as on project management apps like Trello and Asana. Why not give it a try and see if it helps you connect with former students and colleagues?

AlumnForce Pricing

No matter how big or small your community is, AlumnForce has a pricing plan that will work for you.

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available, as are bespoke packages designed to meet the precise needs of your organization. The best part about AlumnForce’s pricing is that it is straightforward and easy to understand.

Basic Plan: $299/month or $2,990/year

  • Alumni Directory
  • Management software for events
  • Job posts
  • Programs for Mentoring
  • Communication system

Premium Plan: $599/month or $5,990/year

  • All The Essentials of the Plan
  • Analytics for Fundraising Platforms
  • Customizable branding

Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing

  • All premium package 
  • Advanced account manager 
  • Integration and custom programming

AlumnForce Reviews

Capterra (4.6/5): According to Capterra reviewers,  AlumnForce has been super helpful in making it easier for us to connect with their alumni and build better relationships with them. The platform is super easy to use and has a bunch of cool features that are really helpful.

GetApp (4.6/5): In general idea on GetApp, AlumnForce is awesome! It’s super easy to use and has all the features they need. The platform has been super helpful in keeping in touch with old friends and improving our alumni engagement game. 

Raklet All-in-one Community Platform

In search of an alternative to AlumnForce with similar comprehensive alumni engagement tools? Raklet is the one and only place to go! This one platform provides a wealth of resources to help you maintain meaningful ties with your alumni.

Raklet is essentially a full-featured CRM system that lets you monitor communications with your alumni, send them personalized messages, and study their level of participation. However, Raklet also has a number of features that are tailored to alumni involvement, such as tools for managing events, keeping track of members, collecting donations, and more.

Raklet’s adaptability is a major strength because it allows the platform to be tailored to the specific requirements of each business, no matter how big or small. Raklet has everything you need to organize and manage any size alumni network or massive program.

Raklet is a great option to consider if you need a robust and adaptable alumni engagement platform with a wide variety of options. Why not take a closer look at Raklet right now to see how it can assist you in fostering deeper connections with your alumni?

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Raklet Pricing

raklet pricing

Need an economical way of managing your membership? Have no fear, Raklet is here! Raklet is the best option for membership and event management for organizations of any size because of its scalable pricing structure.

Our many pricing tiers are detailed below:

  • Free plan: $0/month
  • Starter plan: $49/month
  • Professional plan: $99/month
  • Premium plan: $299/month

There are different features and perks included in each plan, so you can pick the one that works best for your business. Raklet is simple to set up and use for organizing your organization’s memberships and events, with no initial investment required. That being said, why hold off? Join Raklet now to experience the benefits for yourself!

Raklet Reviews

Raklet reviews show that it is the best membership management software out there. Our clients’ satisfaction rates explain themselves.

Raklet Capterra Rating: On Capterra, we have a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Raklet users shared their experiences with us. Raklet reviews prove that it makes handling organizations easier. Our in-house software engineering team is able to solve any problem you encounter.

Raklet GetApp Rating: Raklet is the highest-rated membership management site on GetApp with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Raklet is user-friendly and robust, and value for money is off the chart. Raklet reviews also emphasize how useful it is.

Raklet G2Crowd Rating: Raklet has a G2Crowd rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. “Raklet helps you to handle anything relevant to non-profit associations,” one of our happy customers on G2Crows said. It is one of the best association software in the market, especially for the price.

raklet reviews

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