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TokyWoky offers an all-in-one community platform for loyalty and advocacy. If you are looking for a TokyWoky alternative, this article tells more about the best solution: Raklet’s community management software!

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Community management comes with its own difficulties such as managing community engagement, increasing loyalty, or organizing events. So, if you are looking for all-in-one solutions to effectively manage your community, Raklet comes to the rescue with its all-in-one community management software! Let’s see how Raklet and TokyWoky compare to each other.
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TokyWoky was founded in 2012 in France as a community platform that helps retailers to facilitate the engagement of priority customers by utilizing tools for the engagement process. TokyWoky believes in the importance of turning loyal customers into advocates with a strong community platform. Their main three focus points are community, loyalty, and advocacy. However, TokyWoky may not be the best community management platform for your needs. Let’s learn more about what they offer and what they lack.

TokyWoky Features

tokywoky features

TokyWoky offers different features that help to gather customers, build loyalty through unique experiences and turn top customers into brand ambassadors. Let’s analyze some of their features in detail:

– Community strategy: TokyWoky assists with the right methods to build your community and maximize the community value. You will have a dedicated Community Architect, Community Manager, Customer Success Manager, and developer to clearly define your community plan, business goals, and customer needs. Community success and ROI are tracked constantly, and continuous improvements are made accordingly.

– Community events: TokyWoky makes it easier for customers to register for upcoming events, and you can even reward customers for attending live events. You can host a wide variety of events from online classes to influencer workshops, and even in-store events for your best customers. You will be able to build loyalty and community engagement with these events.

– Community UGC: User-generated content inspires shoppers and lifts conversion. TokyWoky allows you to easily offer customers to make creative UGC and display this content to have the biggest impact. You can organize social contests or set community missions to ensure continuous and creative UGC.

– Loyalty program: TokyWoky helps to build a loyalty program that drives and rewards customer engagement beyond the purchase. With the platform, customers can easily contribute beyond purchase, and brands can reward contributions with the biggest impact. You can incentivize different customer actions such as social engagement, UGC creation, product testing, and many more.

TokyWoky Pricing

Unfortunately, TokyWoky doesn’t share the pricing details on their website, so you need to request a demo and learn more about the pricing of their services. Their pricing isn’t displayed on review websites either, but Capterra mentions that there isn’t a free trial or a free plan.

TokyWoky Reviews

Based on the Capterra reviews, TokyWoky got an overall score of 4.6 stars with 4.6 stars for Ease of Use and 5.0 stars for Customer Service. The reviews highlight the easy-to-use and all-in-one admin panel with different features. Nevertheless, some downsides are also mentioned. Let’s see TokyWoky’s pros and cons based on their users’ reviews:

tokywoky reviews



Raklet offers an all-in-one community management solution to grow your community and increase loyalty with diverse features and more than 3,000 integrations. Raklet provides various options to customize and improve your community management. Let’s see some of Raklet’s features in detail:


You can create events for your community, whether they are virtual, face-to-face, or members-only with Raklet’s diverse tools. Raklet allows you to create different ticketing options, easily deal with payments, use digital membership cards for check-in and track the attendance data. Effective event management will help to improve your community engagement with increased interactions.


Raklet makes it easier to create and send emails through automatization, scheduling, and personalization. You can also track data on your emails’ delivery, opening, and clicks. The awesome templates optimized both for mobile and web views make the whole process easier with plug-ins and embedded links.
email sms
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Raklet offers a robust CRM to help with collecting, storing, and managing your community’s up-to-date information securely. Moreover, you can customize the sign-up forms of customers for your needs. Community members can create their own profiles and communicate with each other through private social networks and discussion boards.


Raklet offers to create a community network where members can engage and communicate with each other. In addition to discussion boards, you can make customized announcements and create member profiles. If you wish, community members can also privately message each other on this platform.
private social network

Raklet Pricing

Raklet Pricing

Unlike TokyWoky, Raklet has a transparent pricing policy including a free plan for up to 50 members. We also offer 60-day free trials available on annual billing, so you’ll have no worries about trying out our paid plans.

Raklet offers three different tiered pricing plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium starting at $49/month. Let’s take a closer look at these:

  • Essentials plan includes up to 1000 contacts with 1 admin and 1 email sender name for $49/month,
  • Professional plan includes 2000 contacts and 2 admins for $99/month,
  • Premium plan includes a maximum of 5000 contacts with 5 admins in total for $249/month.

Professional and Premium plans include corporate membership and event check-in at the door.

You can find out more on our transparent pricing page and choose the best plan for your organization!

Raklet Reviews

Based on the Capterra reviews, Raklet ranks high for both Ease of Use and Customer Service. Reviews include that Raklet provides easy-to-use community management, and has everything you will need all in the same place. Additionally, some users state that the private social network and discussion boards are thought to be very useful.

Raklet is listed as one of the top-rated software in several categories on Capterra. You can also check out SourceForge, G2, and GetApp reviews to see how our customers view Raklet.

How is Raklet better than TokyWoky?

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