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In this article, we will discuss the good and bad of ClubExpress, which is a good option for most online communities. Let’s see what ClubExpress has to offer, and how it compares to Raklet.

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If you came here looking for an alternative to ClubExpress, you’re in the right place. Raklet is always here for you! Before we talk about why Raklet is the best ClubExpress alternative, we want to say a few things about ClubExpress. So, we think you’ll choose it easier.

ClubExpress: Club Management for Engagement

ClubExpress is a powerful tool made to make managing clubs and associations easier. It began in Schaumburg, Illinois, in the year 2000. It is still going strong in its field with 20 workers. ClubExpress was busy providing platform services and improvements. Its best feature is that it has everything you need in one place. It has tools for managing users, registering for events, making websites, communicating, and more. ClubExpress wants to make operations easier, get members more involved, and give club leaders more power by giving them a tool that is easy to use and fits their needs. For the most up-to-date information on what ClubExpress is doing and what new features are coming out, you should visit their website or contact their support team.

How is Raklet better than ClubExpress?




Free or starts from $49/mo
Starts from $24/mo for 60 member + $150 basic plan set up








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ClubExpress and Raklet are both good tools for managing clubs and associations, but there are some key differences to keep in mind when comparing the two. 

ClubExpress is known for its all-in-one method, which includes a set of tools for managing members, registering for events, making a website, communicating, and more. It gives clubs and groups a central platform made just for them.

On the other hand, Raklet is a more adaptable tool that associations, businesses, non-profits, and content creators, among others, can use. Raklet highlights the fact that it can work with more than 4,000 other online apps. This gives users options if they are already using other tools to run their organizations. Raklet also gives you a free start and the option to improve if you need to. 

ClubExpress looks affordable, but it is not. With its extras, it will be overcharged. In contrast, Raklet is a very affordable platform. 

In the end, the decision between ClubExpress and Raklet would depend on the organization’s goals and preferences. ClubExpress has a more focused approach, while Raklet is more flexible. 

We believe this comparison helps you choose the suitable one for your organization. You can always book a call from here or reach out to us from support.

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What are You Going to Find?

We think you understand a little bit about the differences between ClubExpress and Raklet by this point. Before you decide, we want to know more about ClubExpress and understand why Raklet is the better choice.

ClubExpress is hard to use and has a lot of restrictions, but Raklet opens up a whole new world of options. Our all-in-one tool makes it easy for clubs, nonprofits, and associations to handle their members, plan events, send out emails, and do a lot more. But what makes us different from the rest? Raklet goes above and beyond by offering great customer service, easy integrations with popular tools, and flexible price plans that are tailored to the needs of your company. Don’t settle for less than the best option on ClubExpress when you can get it. 

Check out the features of ClubExpress to see the differences, and then see the better features of Raklet!

ClubExpress will make your administrative jobs easier and boost the success of your group. With ClubExpress, you’ll have access to a wide range of important tools and features that will make managing members, planning events, communicating, and easier.

ClubExpress gives you a central place to control your club’s membership information, take care of event registrations, and talk to your members all at once. The easy-to-use design makes it easy to switch between different features, so you can stay organized and keep your attention on what really matters: growing and taking care of your club or group. ClubExpress gives you the tools you need to run your club smoothly, giving you more time and energy to spend with your members and work toward your club’s goals.

ClubExpress Features

ClubExpress is a powerful tool for managing clubs. It has a lot of features that make administrative jobs easier and get members more involved. With ClubExpress, you can easily take care of different parts of your club or group, such as managing members, planning events, and keeping in touch. The platform gives you a full set of tools that let you speed up operations, save time, and focus on what’s most important: building a strong club community.

The ability to control users is one of the best things about ClubExpress. You can easily keep track of who is a member, when their membership is up for renewal, and how much their dues are. The app also lets you make and run events easily, from event registration to keeping track of who showed up. The communication tools in ClubExpress make it easy to get members involved. For example, you can use them to send newsletters, host talks, and share news with your club group. You can also use the website maker to make a professional-looking website for your club where you can share information, post news, and help members connect with each other. With ClubExpress, it’s easy to pay online, so members can easily pay their dues, sign up for events, or make donations.

The most important things about ClubExpress are:

  • Membership management
  • Event management
  • Communication tools
  • Website builder
  • Online payments

ClubExpress Integrations

In this section, we’ll examine the connections that the company you’re interested in, ClubExpress, has to offer. ClubExpress has a variety of connections that can improve your club management and make your business run more smoothly. These connections can improve the way you run your club and make things easier for your members. By using these tools, you can make your business run more smoothly, automate jobs, and get your members more involved. Here are some of the most important things that ClubExpress can connect to:

  • QuickBooks: Sync your financial information with QuickBooks to make sure your books are correct and to make tracking easier.
  • Constant Contact: Integrate with Constant Contact to run your email marketing efforts and talk to your club members in an effective way.
  • PayPal: Link ClubExpress to PayPal so that members’ dues, event bookings, and gifts can be paid for online in a safe and easy way.
  • Zoom: You can easily connect Zoom to ClubExpress so that you can plan and host virtual meetings, webinars, and talks right from your club management tool.
  • Google Analytics: When you connect ClubExpress to Google Analytics, you can track and examine website traffic, visitor behavior, and activity.

ClubExpress Pricing

The price of ClubExpress is based on how many current users are in the database. The least you have to pay each month is $24, which is the same as having 60 users. After that, each person pays $0.40 per month, up to a maximum of 100 members. When the number of people in a group goes over 100, savings start to be made. This price includes all features, as well as endless pages, documents, disk space, traffic, blast emails, and toll-free help for members and admins.​

Although ClubExpress keeps the ads per member very low, the additional features are quite expensive. They charge serious amounts for each supplement. In addition, the transaction fee is also very non-pocket-friendly. For example, the pricing they call a one-time set-up fee starts with the Basic setup plan and ends with the Pro Pack. There is a huge increase in cost, ranging from $150 to $4850.

Apart from that, they charge extra for almost every function. Under the heading “Extra-Cost Functions,” such as:

  • Banner Advertising – $12/month
  • Classified Ads – $12/month
  • Contact Log (CRM) – $40/month
  • Continuing Education & Certification – $40/month
  • E-Learning – $12/month

In addition, many more functions are charged monthly or annually. Compared to the great features of Raklet, it’s not functional or cheap at all.

ClubExpress Reviews

Capterra(4.2/5): Users on Capterra like how useful ClubExpress is for their businesses. They find that the platform’s strong functions and easy-to-use layout help them run their groups well. ClubExpress has helped them build good relationships with other businesses and improve the way they do business.

G2(4.0/5): People who use G2 are very happy with ClubExpress because it has turned out to be a great tool for organizing groups and people. They like how easy it is to use and how many tools ClubExpress has. It has not only been used as software but also as a place where people can meet and work together.

GetApp(4.2/5): Users love how easy it is to use the app and how many tools it comes with. ClubExpress has made big changes to how it works with the community and how it manages its members. Users like that ClubExpress makes it easy to stay in touch with their group by making contact easy.

Raklet All-in-one Community Platform

If you’ve read so far, you must be looking for an alternative to ClubExpress. Raklet is all you need to know. In this post, we’ll talk about the great features and benefits of Raklet that make it the best ClubExpress alternative on the market. Don’t pass up the chance to check out a platform that will change the way you run your club or group. For example, Raklet has not only membership management but also club management software, which means using a single system. Or, while using Non-Profit fundraising software, it also allows you to do event management.

Raklet is a game-changer that is better in every way than ClubExpress. Raklet helps clubs, associations, and nonprofits succeed with its many features, easy-to-use design, and smooth functioning. Raklet has a wide range of features that are meant to make running your club easier. These include managing members, planning events, using contact tools, and making online payments. But what really sets Raklet apart is that it is always focused on making sure its customers are happy. Raklet goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed. It has great customer service, works well with famous tools, and offers flexible pricing choices that are tailored to the needs of your company. This post is a must-read if you want your club or group to reach new heights. Find out why Raklet is the best ClubExpress alternative and how it can help your club grow and keep members interested.

free crm

Our online program for managing memberships is the most useful thing you’ll ever see. It’s a modern answer that was carefully made to make user information, dues, and contacts easier to manage. This program promises to give you a better experience by putting all the important parts of membership management on one powerful platform. 

Host big parties and let our event management software take care of the details. Take care of everything with grace and ease, from sign-ups and tickets to data and comments. With this strong tool, you can make your own event online or physically!

private social network


With our Private Social Network feature, you can create a digital space that only your group can access. This tool gives your users a place to talk to each other, share ideas, and grow as a group. So, Raklet is the best ClubExpress alternative. 


We know how important it is to continue engaging with your audience and reaching out to more people. With Raklet, you can send mass emails, newsletters, and outreach to potential customers. You will also have access to detailed email reports so that you can learn what works best.

membership cards

Your members have their own digital membership cards. You can also print them as physical cards to be used for various purposes. Raklet’s membership cards can be added to Apple Wallet effortlessly. You can check them in at the door when you organize events. Your members have their information and QR code on their cards.

Our Community Engagement Software is more than just a simple management tool; it’s an engine that helps your community meet, get engaged, and grow. Help your town grow and change in ways you have never seen before. Also, did you know that Raklet has club control tools in addition to all the other good things? So, what’s your opinion? Are you going to try it? 

Our association management software is an all-in-one system that helps associations run smoothly and efficiently in every way. It makes it easier to deal with all the different parts of running an organization. The way you use this software changes, giving you more power and better results. 

Raklet Pricing

raklet pricing

When you look at Raklet’s price, you’ll see that it has a well-thought-out tiered system that makes it a good choice for groups of different sizes. Raklet offers many different plans that can be changed to fit the wants of its users. Both new groups and groups that have been around for a while have plans.

Here’s a summary of Raklet’s pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: Raklet gives away a basic set of tools for free, such as managing users, sharing limited messages, and organizing events.
  • Essential Plan: This plan costs $49 per month and gives you access to things like digital membership cards, a secret social network, and unlimited texting, among other things.
  • Professional Plan: For $99 a month, users get all of the tools, including advanced automation, data, and special help.
  • Premium Plan: For $299 a month, in addition to the professional plan, you can access more features and contact about 10,000.

Raklet Reviews

Raklet reviews show that it is the best membership management software out there. Our clients’ satisfaction rates explain themselves.

Raklet Capterra Rating: On Capterra, we have a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Raklet users shared their experiences with us. Raklet reviews prove that it makes handling organizations easier. Our in-house software engineering team is able to solve any problem you encounter.

Raklet GetApp Rating: Raklet is the highest-rated membership management site on GetApp with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Raklet is user-friendly and robust, and value for money is off the chart. Raklet reviews also emphasize how useful it is.

Raklet G2Crowd Rating: On G2, lots of people think that Raklet can transform how people and groups are treated. They think Raklet’s platform is simple and feature-rich, so their staff enjoys it. 

raklet reviews

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