StarChapter Alternatives, Pricing & Reviews

In this article, we will discuss the good and bad of StarChapter, which is a good option for most online communities. Let’s see what StarChapter has to offer, and how it compares to Raklet.

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If you came here looking for an alternative to StarChapter, you are in the right place. Raklet is here to help, so it’s good that you found it. Before we talk about why Raklet is a better choice, we want to say a few words about StarChapter. So, we think it will be easier for you to decide.

StarChapter For Chapter Leaders 

StarChapter is a tool with a lot of features that help chapter leaders run their local groups well. It is a 19-person company that has been around since 2008 and is still doing business in its field. StarChapter was constantly working to improve the user experience of its app by releasing updates. One of its best features is the ability to change the look and content of chapter websites so that leaders can make them fit the needs of their chapters. StarChapter also has a variety of tools for event registration, membership management, contact, eCommerce, and support for the board and management. This helps chapter leaders streamline operations, get more people involved, and grow their membership, which is why their target audience is chapter leaders. 

How is Raklet better than StarChapter?




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StarChapter has a lot of good features like event registration, membership management, email marketing, website and content management, e-commerce, and board and management. These are the perfect features for local chapters, but Raklet has almost all the good features of StarChapter, and Raklet is also a more flexible platform. 

StarChapter and Raklet have different features and target audiences. StarChapter focuses on the local chapters of bigger organizations and gives them tools to handle board transitions, run events, and get members involved. Raklet, on the other hand, is a more adaptable tool that associations, businesses, non-profits, and content creators can use.

In addition to all the good features above, Raklet has its own mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and it gives users more ways to customize their apps than rivals like StarCahpter. In addition to this, Raklet can be integrated with more than 4,000 online apps. 

Users can also show off their talent with Raklet’s custom design features, which let them make their own pages and layouts. 

The last well-known feature is that the Zoom integration makes event management easier by allowing for automatic registrations, controlling participants with special member tickets, automatic check-ins, and better communication management by dividing attendees into groups based on whether or not they have signed up. Raklet is often chosen over other choices because it has these and other unique qualities. 

Overall, the choice between StarChapter and Raklet depends on the organization’s goals and preferences. 

We believe this comparison helps you choose the suitable one for your organization. You can always book a call from here or reach out to us from support.

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What are You Going to Find?

Now that you have a general idea of what StarChapter is and how it is different from Raklet, are you ready to learn more? Here, if you look more closely at StarChapter’s features, it will be easy to see why you should choose Raklet. Raklet has the best features, prices, and connections on the market!


This guide is your treasure map for finding the best options for StarChapter. We’ll talk about the different software choices, how much they cost, and, most importantly, what other people have said about them. The goal is not just to give you information, but also to get you interested in what could be a game-changing choice for your company. Read for making a choice!

StarChapter has been one of the most important pieces of member control software for a long time. Many trade groups, unions, and professional organizations use it as their one-stop shop for managing chapters. For this reason, it would not be wrong to call StarChapter a local chapter helper, but this is one of the reasons why Raklet is an alternative to StarChapter.

StarChapter has strong software for managing member data, planning events, sending out powerful emails, and managing website material in an interactive way. Its success comes from being able to give organizations a full picture of how members connect with each other and with the organization. This lets organizations send more personalized messages to members, which helps them stay with the organization. 

In addition to these, StarChapter can take online fees, accept donations, and sell products. This e-commerce feature includes tools for keeping track of deals and making reports too. 

Despite all of this, what if there’s an alternative to StarChapter that could offer more? 

StarChapter Features

Say goodbye to the trouble of handling multiple platforms with StarCahpter and take a look at the central hub that improves your process, makes it easier for members to get involved, and helps your business grow.  Starchapter gives your group the tools it needs to thrive in the digital age, like event registration, member management, email marketing, website and content management, eCommerce, and board and management tools. 

  • Event Registration
  • Membership Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Website & Content Management
  • ECommerce
  • Board & Management

StarChapter Integrations

StarChapter is all-around membership management software that works well with a wide range of other systems to make it even more useful. But as you look through this maze of features, you might find an option for StarChapter that has the same or even more features. Read on to find out more!

Integration is one of the most important things about StarChapter. It works well with famous apps like QuickBooks for accounting, Constant Contact for email marketing, and GoToWebinar for hosting webinars. With these strong connections, StarChapter can easily meet a wide range of operating needs. Yet, as you learn more about the many membership management tools out there, you may be led to the best StarChapter option that can integrate with even more systems.

Still, it’s important to note that StarChapter is good at making processes easier. Imagine transferring financial data to QuickBooks or email lists to Constant Contact without any problems. It’s pretty cool, right? But if you look for an alternative to StarChapter, you might find other platforms that work well with a wider range of third-party apps and offer a more complete and customized answer.

StarChapter Pricing

StarChapter’s price system might look like a complicated maze to figure out. With tiered pricing, which is meant to work for organizations of different sizes, your finances will get more complicated as your group grows. Starting with a base fee, they have packages like Starter, Plus, Pro, and Elite, each with its own set of features. The price, however, goes up with each update, and some functions cost extra.

Details about prices:

  • Essential: This plan is best for small groups with up to 150 member and additional 1000 contacts. It costs $83 per month plus $779 to set up. 
  • Growth: This plan is most popular plan. Itcan be used by up to 300 member and additional 2000 contacts. It costs $105 per month plus $1079 to set up.
  • Advanced: It is made for groups with up to 600 people and additional 4000 contacts. It costs $133 per month and $1319 to set up.
  • Pro: This package costs $165 per month and additional 8000 contacts. For this plan set up fee is $1559. 
  • Add-ons: If you need more than 1200 members, you need to contact StarChapter for this. It costs $206 and $1779 to set up. 

StarChapter Reviews

Capterra(4.2/5): According to the general user review, most of the users think StarChapter has made it much easier for them to keep track of details about their members, plan events, and talk to each other. But they think figuring out how to use it can be hard.

G2 (4.2/5): After checking StarChapter user reviews on G2, we can say that they think it has a great built-in email system and a way to manage users. But most of them say that it can be hard to figure out where things are and how to change them.

GetApp (4.2/5): Users say lots of things about StarCahpter on GetApp. But in general, they think that StarChapter gives them a lot of ways to keep track of the people who belong to their group. They believe that it has a lot of functions, but the style isn’t always easy to understand, especially for new users.  

Raklet All-in-one Community Platform

If you’ve read this far, you’re definitely not satisfied with StarChapter. As we mentioned before, the all-in-one software Raklet may be the solution you are looking for. Besides being an alternative to StarChapter, Raklet has more features than the other.

You can use all the useful features of Raklet for your organization’s improvement. As we go deeper, you’ll see why Raklet is the best StarChapter option on the market right now. We’ll show how Raklet stands out from other StarChapter alternatives with its great style, easy-to-use interface, and powerful connections. This post will not only help you learn more, but it will also make you want to make a change that could make your group much more efficient. Are you ready to find out how Raklet can help you? Let’s dive in and find out Raklet’s best features!

free crm

Our online membership management software is the most efficient thing you’ll ever see. It’s a cutting-edge solution that was carefully made to streamline member information, dues, and contact. This program claims to give you a better experience by putting all the important parts of membership management on one powerful platform. 

Host big parties and let our event management software take care of the details. Take care of everything with grace and ease, from sign-ups and tickets to data and comments. With this strong tool, you can make your own event online or physically!

private social network


With our Private Social Network option, you can create a private digital space for your group. This tool gives your users a safe and controlled place to talk to each other, share ideas, and grow as a group. So, Raklet is the best StarChapter alternative!


We know how important it is to continue engaging with your audience and reaching out to more people. With Raklet, you can send mass emails, newsletters, and outreach to potential customers. You will also have access to detailed email reports so that you can learn what works best.

membership cards

With our digital membership card platform, you can step into the new digital age. These digital cards are the key to a whole new experience for your users. They are convenient and good for the environment. Joining is as easy as tapping on a computer.

Our Community Engagement Software is more than just a basic management tool; it’s an engine that helps your community meet, get involved, and grow. Help your town grow and change in ways you’ve never seen before. Moreover, do you know Raklet also has club management software besides all the good features? So what do you think? Will you give it a shot? 

Our association management software is a complete solution made to handle all aspects of association operations in a smooth and efficient way. It makes it easier to handle the many different parts of managing an association. This software changes the way you handle it so that you have more power and better results. 

Raklet Pricing

raklet pricing

When you look at Raklet’s price, you’ll see that it has a well-thought-out tiered system that makes it a flexible option for groups of different sizes. Raklet has a wide range of plans that adapt to the needs of its users. There are plans for both new groups and organizations that have been around for a while.

Here’s a summary of Raklet’s pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: Raklet gives away a basic set of tools for free, including managing members, sending limited messages, and managing events.
  • Essential Plan: This package costs $49 per month and gives you access to things like digital membership cards, a secret social network, and endless messaging, among other things.
  • Professional Plan: For $99 a month, users get the full set of tools, including advanced automation, analytics, and special support.
  • Premium Plan: For $299 a month, and addition to professional plan you can access more features and contact about 10,000.

Raklet Reviews

Raklet reviews show that it is the best membership management software out there. Our clients’ satisfaction rates explain themselves.

Raklet Capterra Rating (4.7/5): According to general users’ opinions, its robust features and ease of use make it easy to manage our organization. 

Raklet G2Crowd Rating (4.8/5)On G2, lots of people think that Raklet can transform how people and groups are treated. They think Raklet’s platform is simple and feature-rich, so their staff enjoys it. 

Raklet GetApp Rating (4.7/5): In general idea on GetApp, Raklet is simple and powerful. Also, they think Raklet simplifies communication.

raklet reviews

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