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Creating a virtual space is crucial for any type of group or community. It doesn’t matter if it is a fitness group or a business community, a proper private community software can take it to the next level. In this article, you will find all the necessary information on what private community software is, the benefits of using one, and the top software for the job. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is private community software?

Private community software is a tool that creators or business owners utilize to build a private network for their online communities. Therefore, you will be able to gain access to tools that will help you design a virtual space for your community members to have access to your content such as online courses, articles and other member-only content. Moreover, you will reach key features such as discussion forums, chat messages and social media platforms that help your members to interact with each other and create dedicated groups.

Private community software is an efficient way to share exclusive content with the members and strengthen members’ bonds to your community.
Private community software is an efficient way to share exclusive content with the members and strengthen members’ bonds with your community.

4 Benefits of private community software

Private community platforms offer lots of benefits. When you use private community software, you will be able to have access to the traditional features of a community platform and add more to that. Let’s now take a deeper look at four benefits of private community software: 

1. Easy management of your community: 

Using private community software means you can collect member data consistently and manage your community a lot easier. You can handle your community as you please and do anything, including dividing your community into small groups or offering different types of memberships. 

2. Endless content creation opportunities: 

When you use private online community software, you will be able to create as much content as you please. Moreover, you can create articles, discussion posts, polls, host online courses and so much more. 

3. Growing in new areas: 

Private community software can help you with more than solely content creation and member engagement. With the help of proper software, you can also host events or create online courses that align with your community’s purpose. 

4. Distraction-free user experience: 

Most community platforms are hosted on social media, which can be pretty distracting. This is mostly because of advertisements on social media platforms. But if you use private community software, you can eliminate these types of distractions since you will control all of the content posted on your very own platform.

Top 3 Private Software for your Community Members

Now that you know all about private online community platforms , it is time to review our top 3 picks. Check them out and see which one works best for your online community’s needs.

3. Tribe: A customizable community management platform

Tribe Private Community Software

Tribe is a community platform founded in Australia in 2015. Since then, they have expanded into the UK and the US. They offer features such as content creation and management, community and communication management, customer engagement, and data security. In terms of pricing, they offer both a free trial and a free version. Their paid plans start from $59/month. For more information, you can check out their pricing page. 

tribe reviews

According to their Capterra page, Tribe platform got 4.8/5 stars, which means that they are one of the best community platforms. Their overall score is the same as their score for ease of use and customer service. Let’s check some of their pros and cons based on customer feedback: 

+ Comprehensive API

+ Affordable pricing

+ Ease of use

– Technical issues arise at times

– Lack of some functions such as multiple languages 

If you’d like to check out how Tribe compares to our solution Raklet, you can check out our All-in-one Tribe Alternative: Raklet article

2. MightyNetworks: Easy to manage an online community

Mighty Networks Community Platform

Mighty Networks was founded in 2017 with the aim of driving community innovation and offering a different kind of online business that more people can participate in. They are an online community and online course-building platform. They offer many features such as content management, group and event management, discussion forums, video conferencing, and social promotion that will help you to increase your community engagement. In terms of pricing, they offer a free trial but not a free version. Their paid plans start from $33/month when paid annually. 

mighty networks reviews

According to their Capterra page, they have a 4.6/5 overall score. Both their Ease of Use and Customer Service received a score of 4.2/5. Let’s check some of their pros and cons based on user feedback: 

+ Good customer service

+ Simple learning curve for community members

+ Offering a mobile app

– Lacking accessibility features 

– Bug issues in video playback and community chat

If you’d like to check out how Mighty Networks compares to our solution Raklet, you can check out our A Robust Mighty Networks Alternative Raklet article

1.Raklet: A great online community platform

Raklet All-in-one Community Platform

Raklet is an all-in-one and one of the best online community platforms and membership management software that offers a broad selection of features to help your community thrive. To meet your unique needs, Raklet community management platform provides a powerful built-in CRM, features to create groups, branded community and mobile app, membership and event management, email and SMS tools, and most importantly, a private social network along with discussion boards, discussion forum and activity feed feature, social media integrations and private messaging tools. In terms of pricing, we offer both a free trial and a free version. Our paid plans start from $49 per month with our Essentials Plan. You can check out our transparent pricing page and schedule a demo with us for more information. 

Raklet has an overall great score on Capterra with 4.7/5. Our ease of use has received 4.7/5 stars and our customer service has received 4.8/5 stars. Our users are content with the features we provide to them, especially with our private social network and branded mobile app features. 

There you have it!

Now that you know all about what private community software and community management is, its benefits, and our top 3 picks for private community management software, you can decide which one works best for your community. And if you enjoyed this article, you can check out other articles from our blog: 


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