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Do you own a business related to health and fitness and need help with operating tasks? Class membership software can help you by automating all the repetitive tasks and be your lifesaver in terms of growing your business. In this article, we are going to inform you on all the necessary information about class membership software, along with our top picks that you can choose to work with. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is Class Membership Software?

Class (or gym) membership software is a type of software that helps fitness businesses to manage all aspects of their business and operate their studio as smoothly as possible. Class management software, therefore, provide fitness owners and operators with all the help they need with managing their classes, trainer scheduling, keeping track of members, communicating with clients, and collecting payments. 

Who Uses Class Membership Software?

Class membership software serves not only gyms but also health clubs, boutique fitness studios (such as spin or yoga classes), martial arts studios, fitness centers, and sports performance businesses as well. In all of these businesses, class membership software can be used by anyone including gym owners, trainers, and front-desk staff. The only difference is that they use different features of the software depending on their role. 

Trainers mostly use the software for checking their schedule whereas front-desk staff uses the software to enroll clients to memberships, scheduling their classes and collecting payments from them. Owners, on the other hand, use class membership software for reporting tools and making marketing decisions to grow their businesses. 

There is one more important role here: Members! They have the most important role here, since running your business mainly depends on them. Members use class membership software to enroll in memberships, check their schedules, and contact with the studio. When choosing your class membership software, it is crucial to pick one that would be beneficial to your staff as well as your members. 

class membership software
Class membership software serves all fitness-related businesses such as gyms, yoga studios, and fitness centers.

The Benefits of Using a Class Membership Software

Using class membership software comes with a lot of benefits. Let’s now check some of them out in more detail: 

It Helps to Optimize your Business’ Operations: 

Class membership software automates many tasks that take so much time and effort when handled manually. Maybe in the beginning stages of your business, using spreadsheets won’t be a hassle for you but as your business grows, you will need someone or something to come to the rescue. And that something is proper class membership software. By using class membership software, tasks like member check-ins, scheduling, membership renewals, and collecting payments will be handled automatically and save you so much time and energy.

It Increases Member Retention:

If you are using a proper class membership software that has tools like a branded mobile app, your members will be more satisfied with your business and tend to stay longer as a member. Therefore it is important to use a class membership software that is user-friendly. With a software like that, your business’ member retention will be increased, since your members will be able to get any information they need within minutes from their phone, without feeling the need to reach out to a staff member every time they encounter a problem. 

It Helps you to Make Better Business Decisions:

Class membership software provides real-time data and insightful analytics. This helps you to see how your business is performing, track retail sales, and see your business’ overall situation financially. Having access to all this information, you will be able to make better, healthier decisions for your business and grow rapidly. 

Our Top 3 Picks of Class Membership Software

Now that you know all there is to know about class membership software, it is time to look at our top three picks of them:

3) Gymflow:

gymflow main page

Gymflow is a gym management software that was founded in 2019. They offer many features to help you grow your fitness business in an easy and smooth way. In terms of sales: they offer a sales pipeline, activity timeline, and performance reporting. The goal of their sales solutions is to help you to collect payments online and provide you with detailed reports to make you see where you stand financially. For booking management, they offer an online timeline and automated waitlists. Moreover, they provide you with solutions for member management and marketing. 

In terms of pricing, they offer 3 different pricing plans named Basic, Grow, and Promote. Basic Plan is best for relatively small businesses that are looking to digitally transform their business. The Grow Plan is for generating leads, managing your pipeline, and engaging users. And lastly, the Promote Plan is for elevating your business and managing campaigns all on one platform. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the information on these plans’ exact prices on their site. In order to find out, you need to contact them. 

gymflow capterra reviews

From their Capterra page, we can easily see that Gymflow is highly liked by its users. They have an overall score of 5/5 along with a 5/5 score on both Ease of Use and Customer Service. But the fact that the number of their reviews is so low indicates that these reviews may not be so reliable. What their users mostly love about the software is that it is user-friendly and intuitive. But the fact that Gymflow is a relatively new platform indicates that there are still missing features that your business may need to use. 

2) Mindbody:

mindbody main page

Mindbody was founded in San Luis Obispo with the mission of helping people to lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to wellness. With this goal in mind, their business has grown to 1,000-5,000 employees. They offer business management, location management, member management, and marketing solutions to fitness centers, salons, and spas. With their insights dashboard, you will no longer need spreadsheets to see your financial position. Moreover, they offer a branded mobile app and Al front desk feature which provides 24/7, real-time customer service. 

mindbody pricing plans

In terms of pricing, they offer four different pricing plans. You can see all of their prices above. The most important difference between these plans is that a very crucial feature, branded mobile app, is only included in the Ultimate Plus plan. For Accelerate and Ultimate plans, this feature is an add-on. Another crucial key difference is, that comprehensive reporting is not included in their Starter plan. You can access comprehensive reports in other plans but for the Starter plan, you can only access basic reports. If you have more questions, you can schedule a demo with the Mindbody team. 

mindbody reviews

From their Capterra page, we can easily see that Mindbody is a popular software because they have received over 2,000 reviews. They have an overall score of 4/5 with a score of  3.8/5 for both Ease of Use and Customer Service. Their users are mostly keen on Mindbody because of their marketing tools and their own brand awareness. But their users also believe the user interface can be difficult to navigate at times and the software can be too expensive for some businesses. 

1) Raklet:

raklet main page

Raklet is an all-in-one member management software that offers comprehensive class membership solutions. Raklet offers customizable application forms and membership plans along with a built-in CRM to help you store all collected information on your members’ profiles. And all the information collected can be categorized by you easily, thanks to Raklet’s advanced filtering options. You can also easily manage scheduling and payments. As for engaging with your members, Raklet offers a discussion board and a private social network solely for your business. Moreover, Raklet provides a branded mobile app and offers to help you with more than 4,000 integrations it has. 

In terms of pricing, Raklet offers both a free trial and a forever free version. Our paid plans start from $49 per month with our Essentials plan. You can see the pricing information of our other plans above. If you like, you can schedule a demo with us and get more information. 

raklet capterra reviews

As you can see, Raklet is one of the most liked software out there with a 4.8/5 overall rating on Capterra. Most of our popularity among users comes from our membership management and reporting tools along with our unlimited customization opportunities and over 4,000 integrations.

There you have it!

Now that you have all the information on class membership software and the best ones to work with, you can go ahead and choose the one that suits your business needs the best way possible. 

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