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Event Benefits: How to Offer Them to Members in Your Membership Organization

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Offering event benefits is a sure shot way to create an engaging environment for your organization to grow. However, not many know the real benefits of keeping the members happy and active.

So, members have joined your community! What’s next? How are you planning to keep them engaged and interested? Having engaged members is a challenge most of the organizations face nowadays. Planning and hosting events is a great way to overcome this challenge.

Should your organization offer event benefits to members?

Well-planned events create engagement and make your members feel valued. It can also be a great retention tool to attract new members to your community. Events create a sense of belonging and offer new connections. It can eventually turn out to be a revenue stream for your community; if used correctly.

Event benefits create an happy and engaged community.

Five ideas that are guaranteed to keep your members engaged

Planning and setting up events encourage interaction between members, raise funds, and simply build your community.  However; it is not as easy as it seems. Having fewer members attend your events after spending time and effort setting up the event is quite upsetting. Offer benefits to your members to be more active in the event scene. 

1. Discounts on tickets

Offer a good discount on their tickets. It always feels nice to get a discount. However, you should make sure that the discount you offer does not affect your profits. If needed, you can slightly increase the price of your membership.

Offer discounts in tickets as an event benefit.

2. A one-time free ticket

If you are an organization that conducts events on a regular basis, you can offer multiple discounts to your members. The number of times they get discounts can also be decided according to the membership plan they choose.

However, if you can afford to offer a one-time free ticket to all your members, it will be a great way to encourage them to be a part of your events. If you do not conduct too many events, offering one free ticket to a certain number of members, either chosen via a raffle or through some criteria can also be a good idea. 

3. Exclusive offers on event tickets

Another way to attract members to attend your events is by providing them with exclusive access to a few exclusive offers on tickets. You can do this by ensuring your members meet certain criteria to gain access to these exclusive offers. For example, your members can gain access to two exclusive tickets when they complete two-year membership with your organization. 

4. Discount coupons

You could also tie-up with other companies or sponsors who can offer a few discount coupons along with your tickets. Members who buy your tickets can avail certain discounts to specific services offered by those companies. This will be beneficial to your members as well as the companies offering the discount.

Event benefits: Offer discount coups from partner organizations.

5. Offering freebies with the ticket

Though this may not apply to all membership-based organizations, you could also offer freebies, in the form of merchandise or a vacation package to your members. If you hold concerts, you could offer a few extra goodies or souvenirs to your members.

Depending on the scope and the type of events you host, you can decide what kind of benefit works best for you and your members.

Make sure people know about your event benefits with Raklet

Choose a good event management software that enables you to plan and set up events easily. Ensure you are able to get the word out about your events by targeted emails or text messages to your members. A Good event management platform empowers you with the right tools that let you focus on building great events and amazing experiences for your members.

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