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How to Make a Donation Page in 5 Steps

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Nonprofits put a lot of time and effort into collecting donations. But having a donation page takes away some of their burden about these processes. If you would like to learn how to create a donation page for your organization, tune into this article and follow the steps. Afterward, you can sit back and watch the incoming donations to your organization. 

What is a Donation Page?

A donation page is a web page that is home to donation information, details of your organization’s mission, all of the important data in the donation process, such as the financial information of your donors, and then a great software that handles the payment processes. 

Donation pages provide an easy way to contribute to your cause, since the process is online, there is no requirement for things like envelopes. Any donor can donate by using simply their phones or computers. 

donation page
A donation page is a web page where supporters can donate to your cause online, rather than using e-mail or envelopes. 

Benefits of Using a Donation Page

For a nonprofit organization, fundraising is essential and having a donation page makes this process much easier. A donation page is there for you to handle your fundraising process as smoothly and simply as possible. To emphasize the importance of using one in a more detailed way, let’s look at the benefits of them deeper: 

Instant engagement opportunities: 

When you gain a new possible donor, they hear about your organization and visit your website, then they learn more about your organization and your cause. After they learn more about your purpose, they might be drawn to donate in that instance. By having a donation page, you can give them the opportunity to donate instantly. A donation page captures supporters’ attention at the peak of their engagement with your purpose and offers them an immediate way to get involved.

Easy access to donor data:

When your donors contribute to your cause online, they will give specific information, such as their names, contact information, etc. to your organization. Using a donation page, you can capture and save all these donor data in a secure place and easily access them whenever you need them. In order to build stronger relationships with your supporters, you may need the donor data from time to time and whenever you do, you will be thankful for your donation page. 

Increases security:

If you are not using an online donation option, your supporters either have to mail the donation to you or come to your organization and deliver it to you. Both of these options come with their own issues. Mailing the donation may cause the money to get lost or stolen and having to come to your organization may draw your supporters away and cause setbacks in your fundraising because people may not want the struggle of hopping into their cars and driving all that way. That is why using a donation page is the optimal solution here since it provides a secure and simple payment process.

Using a donation page provides an easy and secure payment process for your supporters. 
Using a donation page provides an easy and secure payment process for your supporters. 

How to Make a Donation Page in 5 Steps

Now we know what a donation page is and the importance of using one. But how are you going to create one? Raklet offers an easy and effective way for you to make your own donation page. You can customize your page the way that suits your organization the best. Let’s now take a look at how you can do that and have your own donation page in your Raklet account.

raklet main site
Raklet membership management software provides a customizable donation page for your organization.


To create your donation page in your Raklet account, the first thing you need to do is go to the Fundraising section in the administrator panel and click Create your first fundraising campaign. Here you can decide on the name, the message, and the duration of your campaign as well as your targets and the bank account that will be used in this campaign. 


After filling out the rest of the information, you should decide on your campaign’s visibility. If you want to keep this campaign only for your existing members, you can choose to disable your campaign or if you want your campaign to be able to be seen by everyone to attract possible members, you can choose the enabling public donation options. After you are done with these steps don’t forget to click save, so that all the information won’t get erased in any way.


In order to add visuals to your page, you can go to the Photo section and click Add, Select File and choose a visual from your computer. Keep in mind that a visual can affect a possible supporter in a very positive way and might just be the thing that persuades them to donate.


After you enter the necessary information into your page, you can move on to defining Payment Modes. You can give your donors the opportunity to donate in predefined amounts by clicking add and repeating this function as much as you want, after deciding on the amounts yourself. You can also allow your donors to decide on the amount of donation they want to make, by clicking on Custom Payment. After that, click Save again. 


Now you are all set. You can go back to the Fundraising section, find your campaign, and click Edit. In order to start the campaign, change the status of your campaign from Draft to Publish and click Save. During or after the campaign, if you’d like to see your donors you can do the same process (click on Fundraising and then Edit) and then click on Donations


Now that you know all about what a donation page is and the importance of using one and how to create your own by using tools provided by Raklet’s nonprofit fundraising software, you can easily create a donation page for your organization and start getting donations from all around the world. 

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