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If you’re running a nonprofit or a church, you might need a comprehensive software to help you run and manage your organization. While there are many options to choose from in the nonprofit fundraising software market, two leading platforms are Aplos and Raklet. We will give a comparison of each so you can see which one is the right fit for your organization.

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Nonprofit organizations are increasingly turning to online nonprofit management tools to streamline their organization, supplement their income, and to make it easier for donors to support them. As a result, these organizations turn to nonprofit fundraising software such as Aplos. If you’re also researching management software for your nonprofit organization or church community, you’ve probably seen this name among your options. This article will inform about Aplos, its features, and compare it with our all-in-one software Raklet so you can make a well-informed decision about which software is the right one for you.
aplos platform
Aplos is a management software that was first founded in 2009 in Fresno, California. As a software solution mostly targeted towards nonprofits and churches, it lets you stay on top of communication, outreach, and donations so your organization can focus on what matters most: your mission. It’s being used by over 40,000 nonprofit organizations and churches today.

Aplos Features

Aplos provides many different services and features as an online nonprofit and church software. Some of these features include:

  • A CRM for your volunteers, members, and donors
  • Donor/membership management
  • Online giving
  • Fund accounting & management
  • Analytics reporting
  • Event creation & registration
  • Marketing tools to grow your organization
  • Member-to-member communication
  • Website builder

…and more. In addition to nonprofits and churches, Aplos also caters to more organizations, such as HOAs, PTAs, sports clubs, etc. There are different types of solutions offered to these organizations, with more or less the same features.

Aplos also offers useful add-ons that can help drive your organization forward, like a text-to-give option, the ability to get your workers on a payroll, etc. Keep in mind that these are billed additionally and aren’t included in their plans.

Aplos Pricing

aplos pricing
As you can see from their pricing page, Aplos offers three differently-priced plans to their users: Aplos Lite, Aplos Core, and Aplos Core + Advanced Accounting. All plans have 15-day free trials so you can check them out for yourself. These plans vary in price depending on the features they offer, and the number of users they allow. The lowest plan starts at $29.5/month at a promotional price for the start of the year, when it’s normally $59/month. You also have the option to save an additional 10% off of this discounted price if you subscribe annually. The second plan, Aplos Core, has way more features for payments, finance management, and budgeting. It starts at $39.5/month with the promotion. Their most advanced plan doesn’t have its price listed, and you need to book a personal demo for your organization so you can get a customized solution.

Aplos Reviews

aplos reviews
The overall rating of Aplos on Capterra —one of the most reputable online review websites for software— is 4.5/5 stars, which means that most users were generally pleased. It was also rated among the Emerging Favorites of 2021 by the platform. However, there are also some recurring complaints that are worth mentioning. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Aplos according to these user reviews:

Pros of Aplos:

Cons of Aplos:

If you’re looking for an alternative to Aplos to use as a nonprofit or church software, Raklet is the right option for you!  Raklet is an all-in-one nonprofit software with a built-in CRM, event and fundraising options, memberships, and more. We also provide a robust church software for all your organizational management and online giving services. 

Our extensive features and powerful integrations provide the flexibility you need to run your business how you want. Let’s explore some of these features together:



We offer event-planning tools that let you create and manage your events, with their own customizable event pages. This way, you can engage your church or nonprofit community by promoting or managing fundraisers. You can also use our email and SMS personalization and mass-sending options to keep your supporters informed about upcoming events. Our platform allows you to grow your network and keep your supporters connected to your nonprofit.


Payments can be securely and conveniently collected through your Raklet nonprofit portal. These can be donations to your fundraisers, subscription fees to your tiered memberships, event tickets, and other payments. Raklet automatically helps you manage your payments, with real-time reports and analytics for easy access and exportability. You can also stay on top of your finances with automated payment reminders and recurring fee collections. With Raklet, take your organization to the next level by focusing on what’s really important: your community.
automatic renewals
free crm


Raklet’s CRM makes it easy to keep track of your members, volunteers, and donors alike. You can quickly import and export your contacts to organize them. Your contacts will all have individual profiles that can be viewed and updated whenever and wherever you want. Once you’ve connected Raklet to your member database, it will help you stay in touch with your members and grow your community.


You can create your own social platform through Raklet, and keep this private or public according to your needs. This will enable you to keep thousands of volunteers, donors, church attendees, etc. engaged and connected with your organization. You can post announcements to update your community on your news, upcoming events, or any other subject of interest. In addition, you can start and join discussions about different topics relating to your organization within discussion boards, discover new ideas from other people, and reply to each other’s posts through likes and comments. You can also take this a step further with private messaging. These features will help increase engagement within your supporters.
free social network

Raklet Pricing

Unlike Aplos, Raklet offers a completely free plan for up to 50 members. You can try out our platform through this option, or if you’re a smaller community, you can also stay on our free plan forever! We also offer 60-day free trials on all our free plans with annual billing, so every option is accessible and easy to tinker with.

Our paid plans, as you can also see on our transparent pricing page, start at $49/month. Most of our features are present on even the lowest plan of our comprehensive platform. And there’s a 50% discount option for nonprofits, which will make it even more affordable.

Raklet Reviews

As you can see through our 4.8/5 Capterra score, Raklet is rated as one of the highest-quality software solutions available on the market today. Users are particularly happy about the software’s customizability options, user-friendliness, and its long list of third-party integrations.

How is Raklet better than Aplos?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo

starts from $29.5/mo

Free Plan:



Built-in CRM:



Analytics reports:



Digital cards:




More than 3,000 apps


Social Network:



Online community:




Suitable for any organization

For smaller nonprofits / communities


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