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Are you looking for an alternative to Click and Pledge? You’ve come to the right place! Tune into this article to compare Click and Pledge to Raklet, a membership management software that offers comprehensive fundraising solutions.

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Fundraising is an essential aspect of any organization, especially nonprofits. And as necessary as it is, the process of fundraising always includes many tasks that take time and effort such as collecting donations or organizing fundraising campaigns. Lucky us, there are specific software handling all those repetitive tasks and saving you time. Raklet is a powerful example of such software which offers fundraising solutions to nonprofits.
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Click and Pledge is a fundraising platform founded in May 2000. Their main goal was to make fundraising easier for nonprofits. Since then, they have become a good option for creating events and increasing donations. But of course, there are other software options that can offer you the same. So let’s check out what Click and Pledge has to offer and what they lack.

Click and Pledge Features

click and pledge features

As you can see from the picture, Click and Pledge offers a variety of features. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

Donor Management:

In terms of donor management, Click and Pledge offers tools for your nonprofit to sort and communicate with donors. You may thank your contributors right away by sending them an email or text message and let them know about your upcoming events or schedule your messages to be sent at another time. You can also sort and rank your donors by their value to your organization in three ways: personal donations, amount fundraised, or donations made within a donor’s network.

Peer to Peer Fundraising:

Click and Pledge offers solutions for peer-to-peer fundraising as well. These solutions help you create your fundraising campaign page and watch your donations grow. You can build your own site from scratch, or you can use the templates Click and Pledge already has. After your page is created, the widgets and content will automatically populate with real-time fundraising metrics.

Event Management:

Click and Pledge also includes event management tools. Using Click and Pledge, you can manage fundraisers, set up registration pages for every event, and assign ticket fees. Their tools allow you to add PDFs and QR codes to your registration page as well, in order to make the process easier and track your attendees better.

Click and Pledge Pricing

click and pledge pricing

Click and Pledge offers 2 pricing plans: Core Plan (left side) and the Plus Plan (right side). The Core Plan includes features like donation forms and peer-to-peer social site along with account management tools. Their Plus Plan has these features along with extra features such as video donation forms and donor outreach tools. Their plans start from $25 per month. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free version or a free trial. Their users generally believe that Click and Page is an affordable option for small organizations.

Click and Pledge Reviews

As you can see from above, Click and Pledge has a relatively low rating. A big part of the reason for their overall rating being 3.7/5 is coming from the complaints about their customer service. Let’s see what their users believe to be their strengths and weaknesses:
click and pledge reviews



Raklet is an all-in-one membership management software that offers comprehensive fundraising solutions to nonprofit organizations. Our unique tools include many features like unlimited customization options and a live support chat. To help you to get to know Raklet better, let’s look at some of our important features:


Using Raklet, you can create fundraiser pages for each campaign and customize your pages as you please. After setting up your page, Raklet offers you the proper tools for you to see the process of your donations. You can also thank your supporters through our email and SMS tools. Since our extensive database and analysis tools help you to see all the donors and their donations to each specific event, you will always know who to thank.


Raklet offers tools that enable you to create any type of event and manage that event smoothly. Your event can be online or physical, free of charge, or ticketed. You can customize it the way you please. And when the time of the event comes, you can check-in attendees using scan embedded QR codes or barcodes and collect your donations or any payment in a secure and fast way.
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Raklet also offers you a chance to collect all the information of your members and donors through custom individual membership profiles. Your members will be able to update their membership profiles whenever they need. Using Raklet, you are going to have a powerful database that securely and smoothly stores all of the information collected from members. You will also be able to categorize the information with advanced filtering options.


Raklet provides you tools to create your own social network platform as well. Using your social network platform will allow you to keep your members updated about your upcoming events. This feature will also increase your members’ bond with your organization because they will be able to use private messaging tools and discussion boards as well.
social network

Raklet Pricing

Raklet Pricing

Raklet offers 4 different pricing plans. We also provide both a free version which you can choose to use forever and a free trial which lasts 30 days. Our paid packages start from $49 per month.

All of our packages offer a broad selection of features to meet your nonprofit’s needs. Just to give you an example, we can say that our professional package offers tools like customized digital membership cards for your members.

You can check out our pricing page for more detailed information. Keep in mind that there is a 50% discount on our paid plans for nonprofits!

Raklet Reviews

raklet reviews

As you can see from above, Raklet is truly one of the best options for your nonprofit. With an overall rating of 4.8/5 on Capterra, you can believe this to be a fact. An important reason for our high ratings is our solutions for fundraising and our excellent customer service.

The ratings shown above are from Capterra. You can also check out SourceForge, G2, or GetApp for Raklet reviews as well.

How is Raklet better than Click and Pledge?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo
Starts from $25/mo

Free Plan:






Membership Management:



Event Planning:




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Branded Mobile App:



Social Network:




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Not flexible


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