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Donor Tools Alternatives, Pricing, Reviews & Ratings

If you are looking for Donor Tools alternatives you have come to the right place. Tune in to this article to find out more about Raklet: an affordable membership management software that offers fundraising solutions.

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Fundraising requires a lot of work: creating events, tracking attendance and donor databases, managing billing and payment processes and so many repetitive tasks like these. But you don’t have to go through all this trouble if you are using a membership management software which offers fundraising tools, such as Raklet. You can automate the entire process of fundraising and focus on enhancing your organization, instead of worrying about how to keep track of your fundraising events. 

Donor Tools Main Page

Donor tools was founded in 2008 and is a donor management software for charities, churches and growing non-profit organizations. As one of the few, well known solutions out there, Donor Tools provides simple, cost-effective tools for managing donors. But they are not the only software that offers donor management tools. There are other options as well. So let’s check out what Donor Tools offers and what they lack.

Donor Tools Features

Donor Tools Features

As you can see from above, Donor Tools has a variety of features to help your nonprofit. Now let’s take a look at some of their important features:

Online Donations: Donor Tools provides a branded web page to nonprofits in order for them to accept donations. The donors can send their donations through this website from desktop computers, mobile devices and kiosks. Online donations coming from these will be recorded automatically to the system. 

Donation Tracking: Donor Tools takes online donations and keeps track of each and every one of them. In this very easy system to use, Donor Tools captures all of your donations in one place. You can also see every donors’ history of donations to keep better track of the donations that your nonprofit gets. 

CRM: Donor Tools offers a good CRM for a small nonprofit. Apart from keeping the history of donations, they keep track of your donors’ personal information as well. Once a donation is made, Donor Tools automatically saves donor details such as their names and addresses. 

Donor Tools Pricing

Donor Tools Pricing

As you can see above, Donor Tools offers only one pricing plan, which is $39 per month. This plan includes features such as alumni management, donor and event management, payment processing and membership management. They also have a 30 day free trial, but unfortunately they don’t offer a free version. 

Their users generally like the pricing of Donor Tools and think it meets the needs of small nonprofits. But as an organization grows, their expectations get bigger as well. And for bigger organizations, even though they are affordable, Donor Tools may not be the best option.

Donor Tools Reviews

Donor Tools Reviews

Donor Tools provides an overall good experience to their customers in terms of fundraising. That is why they have a 4.2/5 rating in Capterra, one of the most reliable software review platforms. They are known for offering a very easy system to use. But their technical tools such as their reporting tools have a lot of room for improvement and therefore their ratings are relatively low. Let’s now see Donor Tools pros and cons according to their customers:



Raklet is a membership management software that provides a broad selection of fundraising solutions to nonprofits. Our unique tools include but definitely not limited to live support chat, branded mobile applications and unlimited customization options. Let’s take a deeper look at some of our important features: 



In order to help your nonprofit meet its fundraising needs, Raklet offers fundraising events and campaigns. When you use Raklet, you can create, manage and promote fundraising events. Raklet offers a variety of tools to provide a smooth fundraising process. For instance customized event pages and SMS reminders. Using Raklet, your fundraising events are created, payment of the tickets are securely handled and all of the attendance track is kept.


Raklet provides an easy and secure payment process for all kinds of payments to your organization. Whether this payment is a donation or a ticket fee for an event, it doesn’t matter. You can view all the details of your payments, export them and can also organize your payments as both one time or recurring, whichever better suits your organization’s needs at that time. Another great tool that Raklet provides is customized automated debt reminder emails, so that there is never a setback in your donations.

automatic renewals
social network


Raklet offers you tools to create your own social network platform as well. This way, you can keep your members updated about upcoming events and share important information with them via customizable announcement posts. You can also increase your members’ bonds with your nonprofit by allowing them to use our private messaging tools and discussion boards. 


Raklet also offers comprehensive reporting tools to your nonprofit so that you won’t have to go through the struggling process of doing reports manually. Using our secure database and our tools that deliver extensive reports on your nonprofits’ financial and overall position, conducting analysis would be a really easy process for you. 

all in one platform

Raklet Pricing

Raklet Pricing

As you can see, Raklet offers 4 different pricing plans. We also provide both a free version which you can choose to use forever, and a free trial which lasts 30 days. Our paid packages start from $49 per month.

All of our packages offer unique tools to meet your nonprofit’s needs. Only a little example to this can be our digital membership cards or automated emails in the professional package. 

You can check out our pricing page and keep in mind that there is a 50% discount on our paid plans for nonprofits!

Raklet Reviews

As our ratings show, Raklet is one of the best membership management software out there. A big part of our popularity among users is coming from the services we provide to nonprofits. With an overall rating of 4.8/5, you can be sure that your nonprofit will be in good hands with Raklet!

The ratings shown above are from Capterra, one of the leading software review platforms. You can also check out SourceForge, G2 or GetApp for Raklet reviews as well. 

How is Raklet better than Donor Tools?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo
 Starts from $39/mo

Free Plan:



Free Trial:









Event Planning:



Membership Management:



Branded Mobile App:




More than 3,000 apps


Social Network:



Digital Cards:




The sky’s the limit

Not flexible


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