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MemberPlanet makes it easier to join your group, track activity, view reporting, and automate renewals all in one. If you are looking for a MemberPlanet alternative for your membership management, this article shows you the best solution: Raklet, a great membership management software!

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Offering different options to your members and keeping track of all the data and activities may be challenging at first without an easy-to-use and all-in-one platform. If you would like a smooth process of signing up, tracking/collecting payments, event registrations, and many more, Raklet is available for support with its membership management software!
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Founded in 2011, MemberPlanet is a membership management platform that aims to help with managing, engaging, and growing member groups. This goal is achieved with dynamic solutions and powerful API integrations to create a seamless experience for organizations. However, Memberplanet may not be the best solution for everyone searching for membership management software. Let’s see what they offer, and what they lack in detail.

MemberPlanet Features

MemberPlanet provides a wide variety of features for a simple and smooth membership management process. Let’s take a look at some of these features together:

– Simple onboarding process: The process of adding new members to your membership platform can be customized by MemberPlanet. You can offer multiple payment options and collect their information with mobile-friendly online forms. Moreover, you can customize the automated welcome email for new members.

– Customized online database: MemberPlanet allows you to customize your sign-up forms and fields to collect the exact data you want from customers. The cloud-based system ensures that the database is always accessible online with a secure login. You can also segment member types, filter by event attendance, and conduct the right communication with your target audience.

– Online payments and automated renewals: MemberPlanet gives your members the convenience to make secure online payments via desktop or mobile devices. You can also automate memberships and accept all types of payments to ease the subscription process for your members to stay within the community.

– Integrations: The features offered by MemberPlanet are fully integrated with different tools that help with the collection of payments, events registration, surveys, and many more. Having the integrations all together saves money and time for businesses by increasing efficiency and documentation. 

MemberPlanet Pricing

MemberPlanet offers both standard pricing and enterprise pricing. Enterprise pricing is determined by contacting MemberPlanet and deciding on the specific features and integrations your organization needs. Standard pricing contains four different plans:

  • Basic plan includes limited email and group text credits with an unlimited number of admins and members for free,
  • Essentials plan has more email and group text credits with the same features as Basic plan for $50/month,
  • Pro plan includes extra features such as smart list functionality and priority support for $100/month,
  • Premium plan has VIP support and board training sessions with the highest email and group text credits for $175/month.

However, all the plans contain an extra Platform Fee and Payment Processing Fee for every transaction realized on the website. Moreover, there are discounts in the case of annual subscriptions but unfortunately, free trials are not available.

MemberPlanet pricing

MemberPlanet Reviews

The ratings of MemberPlanet on Capterra show an overall score of 4.7/5 stars. MemberPlanet is especially liked for the supportive customer service and the free plan option, but there are some criticisms about particular aspects such as the complexity of the interface. Let’s evaluate MemberPlanet’s pros and cons together:

MemberPlanet Reviews



Raklet’s all-in-one platform offers to manage your membership process effectively and effortlessly through all the processes. You can choose from the diverse features and more than 4000 integrations to customize your membership platform. Let’s explore some of the features Raklet offers:

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Raklet eases the process of managing your members by collecting the necessary information and securely storing the data. You can collect applications via customized and branded application forms. Later on, you can analyze their data with different customized filters suiting your needs.


Raklet’s membership management software involves creating your own digital membership cards. Your members will be able to use their digital cards to scan QR codes to check in to events at the door, you will increase brand knowledge and give an increased sense of belonging to your members, and more! You can also explore digital membership cards and create your own.

membership cards
automatic renewals


Raklet gives you the opportunity to effortlessly collect online membership payments through secure integrations such as Stripe. You can create different membership plans with varying fees and present the option of one-time or recurring payments. Raklet also comes in handy with event registrations or automated debt reminders.


We know how important it is to continue engaging with your audience and reaching out to more people. With Raklet, you can send mass emails, newsletters and outreach to potential customers. You will also have access to detailed email reports so that you can learn what works the best.



Raklet allows you to organize events for your members through customized registration forms and integrated payments. You can also track your members’ attendance at both virtual and face-to-face events. Raklet’s effective event management tools help to strengthen your membership network and increase engagement.

Raklet Pricing

Raklet Pricing

Raklet offers three different tiered pricing plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium starting at $49/month. Let’s take a closer look at these:

  • Essentials plan includes up to 1000 contacts with 1 admin and 1 email sender name for $49/month,
  • Professional plan consists of 2000 contacts and 2 admins for $99/month,
  • Premium plan offers to include a maximum of 5000 contacts with 5 admins in total $249/month.

Professional and Premium plans also commonly include corporate membership and event check-in at the door.

You can find out more on our transparent pricing page and choose the best plan for your organization!

Raklet Reviews

Based on the Capterra reviews, Raklet ranks highly both for ease of use and customer service. Reviews highlight that Raklet has eased the membership management for companies, and our engineering and support team are found to be very supportive and productive.

Raklet is listed as one of the top-rated software in several categories on Capterra. You can also check out SourceForge, G2, and GetApp reviews to see how our customers view Raklet.

How is Raklet better than MemberPlanet?

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