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MemberGate provides an all-in-one solution to build, manage and maintain profitable membership websites. If you are searching for a MemberGate alternative, this article presents the best solution: Raklet’s membership management software!

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Creating profitable and efficient membership websites may come with some challenging processes. If you are searching for effective and easy solutions to simplify the process of signing up and payment of members, customizations, and creating a social network for them; Raklet comes to the rescue with its all-in-one membership management software!
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MemberGate was launched in 2000 to fully automate the development and management of membership websites for different focus groups, including corporate communication and government departments. MemberGate makes use of 3rd party integrations for payments, social media sites, email marketing, and many more. However, MemberGate may not be the best solution for every business looking to build a membership platform. Let’s analyze what they present, and what they lack.

MemberGate Features

MemberGate offers lots of options to choose from while creating your membership site for you. Let’s see some of these features:

-Member plans options: MemberGate gives you the opportunity to create different membership plans including fixed periods and automatic recurring billings. You can also create special plans such as group, corporate and special discount plans. Additionally, you can offer trial periods for your new members. MemberGate includes customized welcome and renewal messages in all plans.

-Automatic credit card processing: MemberGate instantly processes the credit card payments of new members who join your membership website. Moreover, a welcome email is automatically sent, and all future renewal and recurring billings are also fully automated.

-Comprehensive reporting: MemberGate delivers extensive and customized reporting including both daily and more detailed conceptual reports. You can choose from a variety of reports including income, transactions, suspicious activity, referrals, pages visited, and many more.

-Discussion groups: MemberGate allows you to create discussion groups for your members to engage more. You can have an unlimited number of self-maintaining discussion groups and classified ad areas. Besides, you can customize the discussion groups to your members’ needs

MemberGate Pricing

Unfortunately, MemberGate doesn’t offer a free plan or a free trial before you start paying for the plans. There are three plans and you can also contact them to learn the customized price if your business is larger than what can be covered in these plans.

  • MG100 plan includes subscription and content management along with the basic features allowing up to 100 members for $97/month,
  • MG250 plan consists of the same basic features including learning management systems for up to 250 members for $197/month,
  • MG500 plan is for growing businesses including up to 500 members for $257/month.

Moreover, all these plans come with hosting packages, SSL certificates, and customer support. MemberGate also provides a refund within 30 days.

MemberGate pricing

MemberGate Reviews

Based on the very limited number of Capterra reviews, MemberGate got an overall score of 5 stars with 4 stars for Ease of Use. Users have especially appreciated the helpful customer support team and the security of the platform. However, there are also some downsides mentioned. Let’s explore MemberGate’s pros and cons together:

MemberGate Reviews



Raklet offers efficient and easy-to-use membership management software including a wide variety of features and more than 4000 integrations. Raklet provides diverse tools to customize and enhance your membership platform. Let’s go over some of Raklet’s features in detail:
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Starting from the collection and storage of your members’ data securely, Raklet helps to maintain a smooth process to manage your customer database. Raklet software gives the option to include customized forms during the sign-up process and management of data. Moreover, your members are free to create their own membership profiles, which will increase their engagement.


Raklet lets you communicate with your members through subscription-based newsletters and SMS communication. Both options are open to customization so that you can personalize them for your members and better fit their needs. You can also track the delivery, opening, and clicking data of your emails. Later, you can create reports for mass emails and monitor your email marketing strategy.
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automatic renewals


Raklet secures an easy collection of online payments on your membership platform with secure integrations like Stripe. You can create different membership plans with varying fees and different access points to your platform. The signup forms ease the process, and members can choose either one-time or recurring payments. Additionally, you can also send automated debt reminders to your members.


One of the most engaging tools from Raklet’s membership management software is the creation of easy-to-use and modern discussion boards. You can customize these boards by restricting the content to members-only or varying levels of membership options. You can also add pictures and videos to the discussion boards or control the comments before posting.
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Raklet Pricing

Raklet Pricing

Unlike MemberGate, Raklet has a free plan for up to 50 members. We also offer 60-day free trials available on annual billing, so you’ll have no worries about trying out our paid plans.

Raklet offers three different tiered pricing plans: Essentials, Professional, and Premium starting at $49/month. Let’s take a closer look at these:

  • Essentials plan includes up to 1000 contacts with 1 admin and 1 email sender name for $49/month,
  • Professional plan includes 2000 contacts and 2 admins for $99/month,
  • Premium plan offers to include a maximum of 5000 contacts with 5 admins in total $249/month.

Professional and Premium plans include corporate membership and event check-in at the door.

You can find out more on our transparent pricing page and choose the best plan for your organization!

Raklet Reviews

Based on the Capterra reviews, Raklet ranks highly for both ease of use and customer service. Reviews include that Raklet has improved the membership engagement of businesses, and our engineering and support team are found to be very supportive and productive. The filtering and reporting features are especially found to be very useful.

Raklet is listed as one of the top-rated software in several categories on Capterra. You can also check out SourceForge, G2, and GetApp reviews to see how our customers view Raklet.

How is Raklet better than MemberGate?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo
Starts from $97/mo

Free Plan:



Free Demo:



Discussion Groups:



Automated payments:



Email Marketing:



Branded Mobile App:



Reports and Analytics:

Lots of options



More than 3000+ apps



The sky’s the limit


Web Page Design:




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