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If you are currently using Mobilize and not satisfied, or you are in the market for new community software, you are in the right place! Check out Raklet community software. Tune in to this article to see the best Mobilize alternative, Raklet.

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Managing community involves interactions with your community, including communicating, supporting, sharing content, organizing events, and more. Every size of organization can automate these processes by using an online community management software like Raklet.
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Mobilize is a cloud-based solution for organizing, communicating, and managing communities, including associations, nonprofits, membership organizations, and professional networks. Founded in 2014 and San Francisco, Mobilize’s solution is suitable for any size of organization with a range of different plans. Users can create and manage events with shareable calendars and email invitations. For groups, Mobilize surely is one of the best solutions out there, but that does not mean that it will fit your community’s needs. So let’s discover what they offer and what they lack.

Mobilize Features

mobilize features

Mobilize offers solutions for all types and sizes of groups such as nonprofits, companies, associations, sellers, and organizations with members. They have a mobile app on both IOS and Android. Users can manage their members by using member directories, creating groups to encourage peer-to-peer communication, and organizing information for members to find and discover.

Their communication tools are designed to help users to engage with their community. They can create breakout groups to discuss different topics, create custom content like polls, job opportunities, Q&As, and product reviews, along with keeping the conversation going via emails.

Mobilize’s networking tools include features for creating strong networking groups. You can create private and group chats to keep the conversation going between members. By using data studio, you can use customizable reports to track your progress and receive a monthly report of key metrics and insights to optimize your engagement.

Event management tools allow you to organize your events, either public or private. Your members can join any calendar they want and have the events appear automatically on their personal calendars. Users will have the ability to create event communication space to keep the conversation going after their events with Q&A, ideas, and content. Mobilize allows users to link Zoom meetings or embed videos after events.

Mobilize Pricing

Mobilize offers a free plan for up to 500 members, 5 admins, and 5 groups with a 30-day free trial. If users wish to expand the features, the price starts from $49 per month, which is billed annually. For Premium and Enterprise plans that have more features like technical onboarding, analytics, and branding options, you should contact them.

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Mobilize Reviews

On Capterra, Mobilize got 4.7/5 stars overall, which is a fairly good rate. Even though customers are highly satisfied with the software, they also point out some issues that need to be solved. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of Mobilize:

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Raklet is a cloud-based and all-in-one community platform that can enrich your community engagement experience through its extensive features and customization options. With Raklet, you can easily create social feeds and discussion boards, keep track of your members, organize events, collect payments, improve your brand, and more! Raklet is here for all your needs thanks to its advanced integrations and flexibility.

Our extensive and useful features are what set Raklet apart from Mobilize. We offer customized membership plans that enable you to engage with your community in a meaningful way. You can also create a private social network that contributes to your group engagement. With its substantial support, social engagement and community management will be so simple!

Let’s have a look at Raklet’s broad selection of features:

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With our custom individual membership profiles, collect all the information you need. Your members can update their profiles however they want. You can easily categorize them with our advanced tagging, filtering, and search functions. CRM data analysis will help you to conduct effective member outreach. Raklet allows you to create different plans with different fees. You can easily collect one-time or recurring membership fees online.


You can create any type of event with its own stand-alone page. You can customize the date and appearance, add location information, or online meeting links based on your preference. Your events can be free-to-attend or ticketed. You can have tickets of different types, the number of attendees, and the price. It is all up to you.
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To strengthen your community bonds, you can create discussion boards. You can control who sees the content and restrict content access. Share content with the public while limiting other content to different membership levels. This will be an incentive to attract more premium members.  

Embed youtube videos and pictures into the posts on your discussion boards. Raklet allows you to share other files as attachments so that your members can download them too.


Increase the bonds between your community members and your organization. With digital membership cards, your members can scan their built-in QR codes to check in to your events and access each other’s information.

membership cards


You can easily conduct analysis in our safe database and go through extensive reports. Grow your community by focusing on what you can do.

Raklet Pricing

We have a very transparent pricing policy. You can choose one of the pricing plans according to your needs. We also offer a 60-day free trial on annual billing so you can explore the features we offer. Besides, you can opt for a forever-free plan for up to 50 members with 1 admin. So, no surprises with our pricing!

If you want to start your journey with Raklet, you can schedule a demo!

Raklet Reviews

Raklet received 4.8/5 stars in Capterra, which makes Raklet one of the highest-rated membership management software among its competitors. Our clients are satisfied with our extensive and versatile features, integrations, user-friendly interface, and extensive customization options. 

You can also go through GetApp, G2, and SourceForge to see what our customers will tell you!

How is Raklet better than Mobilize?

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 free or starts from $49/mo




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