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Do you want to move away from Join It? Or maybe you are searching for a brand new membership management software for your association. 

We suggest you take a look at Raklet. If you want to learn about Join It alternatives, then tune in. We will compare Join It and Raklet, and find out which is the best.

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Last Updated: August 14, 2023 

Hello Join It competitors seeker 👀

Do you need some help out there, huh? 


Don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

Let’s take a quick look at Join It, shall we? 

Join It is so easy to use, even your grandma could figure it out. 

But guessing, your grandma probably doesn’t need membership management software. 😂

On the other hand,  

Join It’s reporting capabilities are so limited, you could count the number of reports on one hand. 

And that’s if you have all five fingers… and you’re not a monkey.😂


It doesn’t have Join It app unfortunately. Disappointing😥, we know that.

It doesn’t do anything Join It for members, Join It app is just a dream now.😴


We can hear you say “How much does Join It software cost?” 

Don’t worry, you will soon find out how much Join It software costs.

Join It got all the cool stuff, like membership management, event management, a membership database, and more. It’s all included in their monthly/yearly plans.😇

These features make organization operations less chaotic Join It for members. You already knew that, smarty😜

Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up on what you can expect from this article. 

You’re just gonna love it, promise🤞🏻

  • Join It Software
  • Join It Features
  • Join It Integrations
  • Join It Pricing
  • Join It Reviews
  • Raklet

We totally get that you’re looking for some awesome alternatives to Join It software, and you will meet Raklet from Join It competitors.

We’re about to talk about real research on Join It!🔍

Get your popcorn ready, because this is going to be one wild ride!🍿


 Join It 



It is very easy to use that’s why its average score is 4.7 for ease of use.

Ease Of 


It is very easy to use, and it is used without any technical knowledge. And its average score is 4.5 for ease of use.

While Join It for members customer support is good, so, users are happy with the service with a score of 4.9.

Customer Service

There is 24/7 customer support, and in general, users are satisfied with the service with a score of 4.8.

It doesn’t have free plans even though they offer a free trial chance. Its lowest plan costs $29/mo with only one admin.


Compared to its competitors on the market, both the free plan and the $49/mo starting plan are liked by users for the service it provides.

Users seem satisfied based on reviews about value for money. For this reason, it received an average score of 4.7.

Value for Money

Considering other platforms’ cost, people think it’s value for money, with a 4.5 score on Raklet. 

Most users think the system design looks good and it’s not easy to use. That’s why customer database use is fine. 

Customer Database

Raklet’s customer database is popular among admins because it is simple to use and flexible. 

Unfortunately, Join It software is not very good at reporting. Some users have mentioned that there are no advanced features and reporting tools.


You can make choices based on data-driven with real-time analytics and reporting. 

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Say hello to Join It Software👋🏻


Join It is hosted in the cloud and helps all kinds of groups stay organized with their users, memberships, and payments. 


Super user-friendly and intuitive, but lacks those fancy advanced features. #EasyPeasy 


Join Great for organizations needing basic membership management software, 




Maybe not the best for those needing more powerful software.

Keep scroll down find out the powerful Join It competitors.📜

Pros 🤩 Join It is good for

User-Friendly Interface

This interface is so easy to use, that anyone can get the hang of it! 

Keep it simple, babes! 

That way, onboarding is a breeze and there’s no need for long training sessions. 

Streamlined Membership Management  

The ultimate membership management solution! 

Effortlessly handle new members, renewals, and payments. Stay organized and efficient with Join It. 

 This platform is a total time-saver! It automates tasks and takes away all that admin stress. 

Event Management Tools 

You can create and promote events, track attendance, and manage registrations effortlessly. 

It’s a game-changer! 

This helps us connect and chat with our peeps! 


Join me for some epic integrations! 

Let’s level up together! 

It’s all about that integration game! 

Works like a charm with Stripe and Zapier, so you can level up your game and connect with all your favorite tools.


With this platform, you can totally customize your membership forms and directories to match your vibe and brand. 

It’s all about giving your members that personalized experience and keeping them super happy.

Cons 😮‍💨 Join It isn’t good for

❌ Not much help with languages

Join It mostly worked with English, which could be a problem for businesses and groups that work in places where people don’t know English.

❌ Some advanced features are not there 

Join It has a good set of features for managing memberships, 


It may not have some of the more advanced features that bigger or more complex groups need.

❌ Integrations Have a Steep Learning Curve

Join It has useful connections with other platforms, 


setting them up and configuring them might require some technical knowledge or help.

❌No Branded Join It App

Yes yes we know..

There is no Join It app, this is a big shortcoming. It could help with Join It payment, plans, events, Join It pro pricing and more.

For example,

If there was a mobile app, the organization could collect Join It payments and members could see Join It plans. 

This way everything would be so easy.

Join It Features

Handling membership needs has never been easier! 💪🏼✨ 


Check out its fabulous features👀


Join It is an awesome membership management platform with tons of cool features to make managing memberships, events, and volunteers super easy for all kinds of organizations.


It could be a total game-changer for small businesses and big associations. 


Join It has got you covered with 


  • Automated email communication, 
  • Member segmentation, 
  • Volunteer management, 
  • The ability to create custom membership forms to match your organization’s needs. 




Most important features are:


  • Membership Database
  • Digital Membership Card
  • Member Portal
  • Renewal Reminders
  • Membership CRM
  • Membership Website Builder
  • Recurring Billing
  • Event Management

Join It Integratıons

Join It is like a tech-savvy chameleon, effortlessly blending with the tools you already use to create a harmonious membership management symphony. 


With its magical integrations, data flows seamlessly like a well-choreographed dance, saving time and energy. 


The payment gateway wizardry of Stripe ensures secure and automatic fee collection, 




The Mailchimp enchantment conjures up effortless communication with members and volunteers. 




The real party begins when Zapier joins the fun, casting spells to connect with countless other applications, letting you automate tasks like a seasoned sorcerer! 🌟🧙‍♂️


Most important Integrations are:


  • VenuePilot
  • Zoom
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zapier
  • WordPress
  • Stripe
  • Slack
  • Shopify
  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks
  • MailerLite
  • Hubspot
  • MailChimp
  • Eventbrite

Join It Pricing

When it comes to money, platforms’ favorite line is:

Hello, Uncle Benjamin 💰


Your favorite line is..

How much does Join It software cost?

Join It has no free plan, however, there is a free trial. 

It offers four Join it plans to cater to different needs.

You can go with Join It pro pricing or less.  

  • Starter Package $29/mo
  • Growth Package $49/mo
  • Total Package $99/mo
  • Extra Package $249/mo

Join It Reviews

Capterra (4.7/5): Customers say that Join It is a good product that is easy to use and affordable. 

However, some customers have complained that the reporting capabilities are not enough and there is no mobile app. 

G2 (4.7/5): Join It is an affordable solution that is easy to use. But some users think that it does not have as many advanced tools. 

GetApp (4.7/5):  Customers say that Join It is a reliable platform that is easy to use and affordable.

However, some customers have complained that the customization options are limited or not advanced.

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Join It Alternative Raklet

Oh, Raklet, huh?😎

Well, well, well

Let’s take a little peek at what Raklet has to offer, shall we?

Raklet is a powerful membership management program that will help your organization grow. 

It shares many of the same features as Join it but adds a lot more. 

  • Raklet can connect to more than 4000 online apps, which makes it easy for its users to run their own communities. 
  • You can keep track of your users, make changes to their accounts, and create application forms. 
  • To get in touch with them on their phones, you can send them letters or SMS. Raklet is available on all platforms; therefore, your members can effortlessly connect to your site.
  • Users of Raklet can collect donations and registration fees, set up events, and make tickets for those.
  • You can only send paid newsletters to people who have paid for them, or you can change your content by choosing who sees what.
  • You can create private social networks where you’ll be able to engage only with your members.


  • You’ll be able to post job boards and discussion forums, to be more connected with your members.
  • The tech team can help you get a custom domain or even a mobile app with your own name and logo.
  •  The best thing about Raklet is that you can use it for free.

Of course, 

  • You can always upgrade to gain access to premium features and communicate with the engineering team to get custom features designed for you.


Pros 🤩 Raklet is good for

✅ Raklet has a ton of great features and is like a superhero with a beautiful cape. 

It has capabilities for communication as well as membership administration, event management, and online payments. 

✅ Raklet is like the king of all-inclusive software platform solutions.

Folks, you don’t need a lot of training for this. 

Even your grandmother could use it without having any trouble because it is so simple and easy to understand. 😂 

✅ The platform is super fancy and all, but let’s be real, it’s just another excuse for people to never put their phones down. 🤳🏻

Now that we can’t even take a break from our phones anymore, you can access and interact with the community while you’re on the road. 

Thanks, Raklet mobile app🙏🏻

✅ With Raklet, you can get a personal assistant without having to make coffee runs.

You can sit back and relax while it handles tasks like managing membership renewals and event reminders thanks to all the useful automation capabilities it has. 💆🏻


Cons 😮‍💨 Raklet isn’t good for

❌ Even though Raklet has an easy-to-use interface, some users say that it may take more time and work to set up the platform for more complicated community groups or specific needs.

❌ Sometimes you have to pay for extra options or benefits. If it were part of the plan, that would be great.  

❌ Community platforms should always be getting new features. At Raklet, we listen to user feedback, so we’ve changed a lot of the design and customization features that were written about before.

We want our features to be so good that Silicon Valley will be jealous.😂

free crm


Raklet’s robust CRM is great for managing members however you want. 

You can

  • Create
  • Export
  • Import 

contacts to organize them. 

You won’t have to worry about adding contacts manually with membership management. You can fully incorporate your member database into Raklet effortlessly.

You can organize various events on Raklet. 

With event management,

  • Organize events
  • Socialize with your community on online or physically 
  • Improve your organization
  • Collect payments from tickets

Event management has never been easier.

private social network


Raklet is also a great engagement platform where your members can socialize. 


You can have your own private social network with your community. 

Let your members 

  • Send private messages
  • Create discussion boards
  • Increase engagement 

Discuss various topics and socialize in a meaningful, digital way.

Your members have their own digital membership cards.

 You can also print them as physical cards to be used for various purposes. 

The news just in! 

Raklet’s membership cards can be added to Apple Wallet.

You can check them in at the door when you organize events. Your members have their information and QR code on their cards.

membership cards


We know..

how important it is to continue engaging with your audience and reaching out to more people. 

With Raklet, you can 

  • Send mass emails
  • Newsletters
  • Outreach to potential customers

You will also have access to detailed email reports so that you can learn what works best.

Raklet Pricing

Simple & Transparent Pricing

No surprises. Get started for free, upgrade or downgrade as you need.


 Need help choosing the right plan?

When you look at Raklet’s price, you’ll see that it has a well-thought-out tiered system that makes it a flexible option for groups of different sizes. 

Here’s a summary of Raklet’s pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: Raklet gives away a basic set of tools for free, including managing members, sending limited messages, and managing events.
  • Essential Plan: This package costs $49 per month and gives you access to things like digital membership cards, a secret social network, and endless messaging, among other things.
  • Professional Plan: For $99 a month, users get the full set of tools, including advanced automation, analytics, and special support.
  • Premium Plan: For $299 a month, in addition to a professional plan, you can access more features and contact about 10,000.

Raklet Reviews

Capterra (4.6/5): According to general users’ opinions, its robust features and ease of use make it easy to manage our organization. 

G2 (4.8/5): On G2, lots of people think that Raklet can transform how people and groups are treated. They think Raklet’s platform is simple and feature-rich, so their staff enjoys it. 

GetApp (4.6/5): In general idea on GetApp, Raklet is simple and powerful. Also, they think Raklet simplifies communication.

How is Raklet better than Join It?

You can see the comparison below:




Free or starts from $49/mo
Starts from $29/mo

Free Plan:









Event management:



Branded mobile app:




More than 3,000 Apps


Social Network:



Digital Cards:




Sky’s the limit


Web Page Design:



Experience the Difference: Try Raklet Now!

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Questions and answers about Join It Complete Solution

Join It is software for managing organizations, events, and workers that helps organizations run smoothly.


The price depends on the plan you choose, with the Starter Package starting at $29/month.


Most people like how easy it is to use and how many options there are for managing memberships.

Join It is thought to be safe to use because it uses secure payment platforms and takes steps to keep user data safe.


Join It works by giving groups tools to sign up new members, run events, process payments, and talk to members and volunteers, making it easier for them to handle their memberships.